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      Share a recent experience (at least two months’ ago) in sharing the gospel with someone stressing the important aspects of the conversation. What was the main thrust of your conversation? How did the person respond, were they open and responsive to the gospel? Did it result in a decision to accept Christ as Lord? With hindsight would you do differently?

      Your post should a minimum 400 words while your reply should be at least 200 words.

      Note: Your integrity is vital to the completion of this discussion. If you know you haven’t witnessed to a soul within two months, then it implies that you ought to do so before doing this discussion. 

      Paste the same submission from the previous step by clicking on the REPLY link just above.

      Then scroll down to see your peer submission and click reply to comment on their submissions. You MUST comment on at least one post with a minimum of 200 words by 11:59 p.m. (WAT) on Friday of the week. Your comments will also be graded.

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      Evangelism and Follow Up Assignment Group Discussion 2
      In the month of August 2023, after a series of evangelism activities, my Pastor gave me a lead to a prospect/target and after due preparations and with the Pastor’s support I made my way on that fateful Saturday, to the shop.
      Beautifully, the person I was searching was the same person I enquired from. After introducing myself; which included the church I came from; went further to ask about the family and the business. As the responses were coming, the real essence of my coming was brought onboard; which was the gospel message and she was excited. Actually, I began by using a brief of my life history as it pertains to the gospel. I gave practical experiences of my personal life. Several verses of the Bible were read to buttress or as the bedrock of the discussion. Fundamentally, she welcomed and accepted the Gospel message wholeheartedly and assured of her readiness to come to worship God in our Church; by enquiring on her own our days of activities. This was eventually volunteered to her.
      After the brief and direct encounter, she opened up some of her life challenges, which included top family issues/desires, business issues as among others. Thereafter, we prayed together and those of her prayer needs were equally placed before God; apart from formerly leading her to Christ. Also, regarding her we offered professional advice, in addition to the said prayers. As this was ongoing, the husband worked in and listened attentively to most of the chats and prior leaving I had a brief warm exchanges with him, in which he was invited to Church. We left there with our hearts filled with joy and hands full of requests and demand for spiritual demands. It was a reassuring and rewarding encounter.
      As earlier highlighted, the prospect as a result made a decision to believe and follow the Lord, and we were happy for that attainment. Uptil date, she is being followed up successfully.
      However, with the Ekklesia experience in this few weeks, one observes that the difference is very clear and the reasons why most prospects are not won to the Lord, is vividly known. This goes to explain that evangelism to large extent is being practiced without the right skill, experience and knowledge. Hence, the low outcome. There should be clear area of demarcation between analogue and digital on the matters of evangelism and follow up. The undisputable position of the word or command of God should be respected without compromise.
      The Ekklesia School and others efforts should be streamlined, to dynamically and systematically upgrade/update the tenets of evangelism and follow up procedures and guidelines, in the now; in order to achieve the goal of the Master. Going by what is available in the archive of Ekklesia, what is not done outside is only termed evangelism and follow up and never in the right sense of it. Much education and awareness are required if every Christian can win one soul in a month and may be twelve in a year.

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      MY REPLY TO:
      Great job! It takes guts to share one’s story with a total stranger. Apart from helping you to break the ice, you helped her and the husband who listened on to trust you enough. Your life experience which unashamedly did helped her to open up. As one of the strategies for evangelism, you were able to get to the result which is getting her born again (leading her to Christ.). As I said great job.
      However, remember the first and foremost of the ten tips for soul winning, “the mental block,” that needed to be removed during evangelism. I remember when I was not saved, I detested Deeper Life members of their outlook. Some released a bad smell on you. If that woman was in the same state, you would have lost her. All thanks to God who prepares to hearts even before we get to the unbelievers.
      The way you real out your points step by step, the ending or summary thrilled me. it showed you understood the lesson very well. The way you pledge your commitments shows you are in for a great exploit. May your desires be met far beyond what you can put in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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      The recent evangelical activity I carried out was with a brothel in Woji axis. This happened on the 3rd of September, 2023. I focus on the brothels more because I work in the rehabilitation home by the Carpenter’s Church called The Scarlet Thread Home.
      The brothel is one of the difficult places to penetrate when it comes to evangelism. So, I looked for and joined two groups whose mission is to the brothels, and the vision of the Scarlet Thread Home is to rescue the ladies who sell their bodies for money and guys who patronize or are patronized for the same money. One of the strategies we have adopted has been effective in carrying out medical outreaches or marking the birthdays of any of the evangelical member who chooses to mark their birthdays with any of the brothels. Just to be able to penetrate the place, we put resources together for the medicals and support whoever wants to mark their birthdays.
      We scout for possible brothels around Port Harcourt, pray, and trust God to lead us to a particular brothel where a soul is hungry or lamenting to gain freedom because most of these ladies are on strongholds. Many got there by chance and quest for money, and they fell into the trap I will call the lion’s den.
      We carry out outreaches quarterly every year. So that now made me gain access one way or the other. In some of the brothels, the managers and owners of these places have bouncers that protect against what they call intruders, (the preachers.)
      Outside of the organized outreaches, during the Carpenter’s Family Follow-up Group’s Evangelism, which is also quarterly. I visit these brothels. I either go into their rooms as if I came on a visit, if I have the name or phone number of the person I want to speak to or I engage a gist section with the manager while my eyes are scouting for a possible soul or client for Jesus.
      The recent one I did on the stated date above went this way. I already have her name, through one of the ladies in the home {STH}, who is doing so well. They told her she had a visitor, and hoping it was a man she hopped out. Seeing the expression of disappointment on her face, I told her that her friend, Glory, the name she answered while she was there (they don’t bear their real name). That now changed her countenance, and she took us (me and the person I went with) to a convenient place where we could talk. I asked about her welfare, her health, where she is from, and her parents. I asked her what she liked most and enjoyed more about her “Work because they call it work or hustle,” she screamed, Mummy did you say enjoy? Hum! There is nothing they are enjoying here! It’s just that they cannot help and they don’t have a choice. I seized the moment and ministered the Gospel to her. I told her that there was a better option if she was interested. She jumped up and said she would do anything. I introduced Christ to her. Meanwhile, one of the hookers walked past severally saying, won’t you tell her that, quoting her “that you are an ashawo.” She keeps calling to announce that she has a customer. When I saw these distractions I intensified my gist, the lady too didn’t give up. I told her about the progress Glory is making. Then I asked her what would she love to do differently, and she said tailoring. I told her she could achieve it if she gave Jesus a chance. I told her the risk she was exposing herself to. I assured her as if I knew she was going through a health challenge. She broke down and went on her knees, then I led her to Christ and prayed for her. I gave her materials to read. I call her at least once a week, I have been trying to pull her out. She is indebted to her family, and that is her greatest nightmare. I am on her neck, to at least pull her to attend church services.
      From what I have gleaned from these lessons on Evangelism, the role of prayers before, during, and after evangelism is key. The lady who was distracting was a target. I feel I would also find a way to reach her just the way Apostle Paul took advantage of the young girl with the spirit of divination Acts 16:16-34. The entire lesson had killed the fears I usually have when embarking on Evangelize. Ekklesia School has opened my eyes to so much truth.

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        Reply to SaySay
        This is an awesome testimony to the glory of God! The truth is that no-one is beyond pardon. No matter how sinful we are God has made a way for us through Jesus Christ His beloved Son. The bible says in the Book of John 3;16 that God so loved the world, that he gave His one and only son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!!! Praise God that that young lady heard the gospel and was convicted to repentance.
        Just like we are learning in this course Evangelism and follow up, Jesus has entrusted the work of evangelism and follow up into our hands, we are Christ ambassadors.
        2 Corinthians 5:20-21. God is appealing through us to a lost and a dark world!
        Also, how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things! Romans 10:14-15(NKJV). Truly Soul Winning is the heartbeat of God, we really ought to spend time in prayer and in reading the bible, so that we can be empowered by The Holy Spirit to win souls.
        Jesus came for one reason: to save the lost. Salvation covers all of our needs – physical, mental, spiritual, and material. When we are faithful to stand in the gap and witness for God, he will move in response to your faithfulness. Jesus will do anything we believe him to do – anything that does not violate His Word.

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        Wow! After reading this, I just want to go back and erase my own response to the quiz question. This is so inspiring, uplifting and exciting. Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for going out to reach these girls.
        Something that stood out for me in your narration, was where you talked to her about a possible health challenge she was facing. It was just a reminder for me that when we go out to reach people, God is with us just as he is with us everywhere else. It’s so important that even as we speak, we’re not just speaking from head knowledge or depending on our ability to quote scriptures. I think that’s why sometimes some evangelists become debaters. They want to show that they know scriptures rather than show the pure love of God. My point is there is power available for us when we go out to reach the lost. The Spirit of God is waiting to manifest and while we speak, we are also listening to his leading and yielding to him. It is such a humbling experience.
        Another highlight for me in your post, was the strategy used to reach these ladies. Many times, people want to celebrate their birthdays in orphanages or even homes for the elderly. Not that any of that is wrong but I never would have thought of a brothel. That is absolutely divine wisdom. I may be adopting that practice if it’s ok with you? 😊
        Again, thank you so much for sharing.

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        I agree with what and how you approach that lady in getting her to accept Christ. This experience of sharing the gospel is a Spiritual exercise and we need to wholly depend on the Holy Spirit for the leading and prompting. He hears us when we ask for help, because He is the one that convicts the sinners, for ours is to open our mouth and he will fill it with words i.e. the right words even. These words are faith-filled and are called seeds. As Christ Ambassador. Against all odds you were able to go through with the gospel of Jesus Christ, without emphasizing the magnitude of her sins as was taught in this lesson, though you went out in pair (Partner) 1. “After these things the Lord appointed other Seventy also, and sent them two am two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come” Luke 10:1. However you struck a balance between interacting with a target in their level and uncompromising the power that is relevant showing that you are different.

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      Evangelism is derived from the Greek word euaggelion, Strong’s dictionary #2099 meaning “gospel” or “good news”. Evangelism is carrying the good news from one place to another, from one person to another person.it is good news from a loving father to a lost world. so, evangelism is a concerted self-conscious effort to confront the unbeliever with the truth about and claims of Christ with a view to leading the unbeliever to repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
      I made up my mind to deliberately preach the gospel as many times as I can within a week and at any and every opportunity I have. This I have been doing for a while now with the help of the Holy Spirit, recently, I had the opportunity to preach to a young trainee in my company, by the name Matthew, who came from Lagos and had never visited port Harcourt before. I walked up to him, introduced myself and asked him if he had some time to spare during lunch break, I would love to chat with him. He obliged. We discussed and chatted about life in general, his Job and family. As he relaxed and discussed with me, I gently stirred the conversation to his relationship with God. He told me outrightly that he wasn’t born again he didn’t want to have anything to do with Jesus because he felt that life with God and the whole “Jesus’ thing” was boring. He confided in me that his mum was a believer and that was enough. Honestly at this point, I was praying in my heart for the Holy Spirit to give me the right words for him. I said to him looking directly into his eyes, “God loves you”, I called his name, and I said it repeatedly to him, Matthew, God loves you very much! At this point I knew I had his full attention. I shared John 3:16(NKJV), “For God so loved the world (Matthew) that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever (Matthew) believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. Jesus Christ came to seek and safe that which was lost. I told him that he was important to God and if not, God wouldn’t have created him in the first place, I told him he was created for a purpose unique to him and him alone and running away from God is likened to running away from his destiny. We looked into the Book of Ephesians 2:10(NKJV). For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Rev 4:11(NKJV) “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”
      We were created for Gods pleasure but Adam disobeyed God’s instructions and by one mans disobedience sin and death passed unto men. Romans 3:23(NKJV). We read Romans 5:12(NKJV). Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so, death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned. I explained to him the reason why he did not want to have anything to do with God and with Jesus was because he had not made peace with God, and by refusing to repent and be reconciled to God through Jesus he was making a decision for eternal condemnation. John 3:17,18(NKJV) For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
      We read the book of 1 Corinthians 2:14(NKJV),” But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. and Romans 8:5-10(NKJV). For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So, then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man has not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. I said to him, your enemy the devil doesn’t want you to know your heritage in God, he wants you in hell where he belongs, but Jesus came to give us life and he wants us to live life more abundantly. John 10:10(NKJV)
      At this point, I asked him if he wanted to repent and ask God for forgiveness, he said yes and asked me what he should do, I replied by asking him to say the sinners’ prayers and to tell God he was sorry for his rebellious attitude. We prayed together and he accepted Jesus into his life.
      My testimony here is this, while we were talking his mum called but he told her he would call her back soon, he then told me that his mum had been praying for him to repent and that today is a great day! Oh my God! I was overwhelmed with Joy and gratitude to God for using me to bring his son Matthew back home. After we finished, he called his mother and in his Yoruba language was telling her, that her prayers had gotten answered, he then said I am BORN AGAIN now!!! Hallelujah!
      Jesus’s commands us in the book of Matthew 28:19-20(NKJV). “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen”. What I would have done differently if Matthew and rejected Jesus Christ is to obey Jesus’s command and trust the Holy Spirit to the do the convicting of his heart having done my own part. The love of God is the strongest witnessing tool one can ever hope to have, it is the strongest tool for witnessing and I keep reminding myself that I am not alone when I witness for Jesus, therefore I will never argue with him but believe that the Word of God is a seed that has been planted in Matthew’s heart which one day will germinate and yield increase in the form of repentance.1 Corinthians 3:6-11(NKJV) I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth anything, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.
      I will also never cease to pray for him. Thankfully he is a colleague in my workplace, therefore I will always be in the look out for him.

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        Your experience goes a long way to show that evangelism is totally a spiritual exercise and it shows that we need to be totally dependent on the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit before and during evangelism.
        It encourages us to keep on spreading the word and at the right time the holy Spirit will complete what he has started ( 1 Corinthians 3 vs 6- I planted, apollos watered, but God gave the increase) his mum has been praying for him to get saved, it is also a reminder that if the prospect did not receive Jesus we take it as a seed sown and keep watering it with our prayers and at the right time God will complete the circle. Furthermore it shows that God always answers because he heard your prayers asking for help and he gave you just the right words to say. Matthew 10 vs 19 says “But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak”
        It is truly a miracle when one soul repents and ekklessia is reminding me of my duty as a Christian to do more evangelism and totally depend on the holy Spirit especially when one encounters hard cases.

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      Name: Ezeonugo Ijeoma Chika
      Course title: evangelism and follow up 108 LC
      Essay 3 Topic: evangelism experience with Mr Henry

      Sometime in July a teenager of 19 years old was employed in a laundry office next to mine. At first, he comes to my office to use my phone to call his boss because he doesn’t have a phone.
      After a while I noticed by interaction and observation the following :-
      A. He keeps wrong company.
      B. He barely attend church.
      C. He was looking up to his cousin who is his boss, trying to emulate some characters which I felt was not good.

      Aspect of the conversation .
      I began by finding out if he was a Christian, he said he was but I doubted him but felt we are not to be a jugde on salvation of an individual based entirely on his actions, I felt like there was time to take things slowly considering that it is working time and his boss will not be happy seeing him outside of his place of work. Then decided to follow him up and help him grow, concluding in my mind that time will tell if he was a Christian.

      The main thrust of our conversation was trying to get him to be more aware of christian life, walking in it and leading him to Christ, If he wasn’t born again also because most people around him were living on the fast lane, I was also trying to get him to stay away from that way of life.

      How did he respond to it.
      He was open to hearing me out and responded very moderately whenever we had chance to discuss, opened to discussion and a few of the believes and stronghold he had was gradually being dropped and he looked forward to those uplifting discussions.

      Problems encountered .
      A. Because most of our chat occurs during working hours, we couldn’t chat much at any point in time.
      B. There were challenges he was facing as regards to place of worship. His Mother forbids him from going to another church apart from hers and he didn’t like the mother’s church which resulted to him avoiding churches and he started spending weekends in his cousin/bosses home and he started to emulate his way of life which is opposite from what a Christian should be doing.

      I wasn’t able to get him to make decisions to rededicated his life back to God, but he was interested in how to move forward in his christian life especially in getting a new church without offending his Mother or cousin, also our sessions was cut short because his boss shut down the business and he had to move, no phone number to use to contact him and he refused to give his mother’s number to contact him. He took mine promising to call when he gets another job.

      Things I would have done differently
      1. I wish I had more uninterrupted time to minister to him or done more with the time I had.
      2. I would have love to led him to Christ again just to be sure. I never really emphasize salvation, because I felt following him up will be more effective considering he insisted he was a Christian (although he backslided), and I spend the little time we had trying to follow him up and fixing the church issues he had.
      3. After he left I couldn’t call him again to know how he is faring, because I didn’t have his number and any means to contact him.
      4. I would have spoken to his cousin on the need for henry to start going to church again since he spend most weekend with him, but the cousin was not opened to discussion and hardly around

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        I can relate to this experience because it’s a bit similar to the one I had experienced as well. This experience goes a long way to show that evangelism is not by our power or ability and it shows that we need to be totally depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit for evangelism.
        It encourages us to keep on spreading the word and at the right time the holy Spirit will complete what he has started Since you were not able to get him to make decisions to rededicated his life back to God, but you were interested in how moving forward in his christian life especially in getting a new church without offending his Mother or cousin, also our sessions was cut short because his boss shut down the business and he had to move, no phone number to use to contact him and he refused to give his mother’s number to contact him. He took mine promising to call when he gets another job. I think one other thing you could have also done was relating this with other believer’s because people have similar experiences and no one should be a one man squad when it comes to Evangelism.

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      Name: Owhondah Ugochi Benedicta
      Course: Evangelism and Follow-up
      Anchor: Rev Joe Uwareme

      I was in a moving vehicle to a location and I forgot my purse. Didn’t notice it was missing till the very next day. I searched for it but it was nowhere to be found, I talked to the Holy Spirit about it and he told me to be calm. By noon I got a call asking if I had forgotten my purse in a cab and I was so excited. When I met with the person who found the purse, I was led in my heart to share the word with this person. I hesitated for a moment but then I thought, what harm could it do so I went for it. I engaged this person in a conversation generally, I started by introducing myself, asking for the person’s name and I expressed my gratitude with kind words and also made this person realise it was a miracle for me because nothing was missing. When I started talking to this guy about Jesus Christ and how He worked miracles, he opened up to me about a lot of things that were going on in his life and how he needed those words at that very point in his life. He just went through a separation from his wife, his children had nowhere to stay, he couldn’t afford to feed them so he was just moving them from one place to the other. He also spoke about how he wanted to remain a good person but life was making it hard. I responded with words of encouragement because I knew he was really down. He was really open and responsive because I knew he needed help. I wanted to lead him to Christ right there on the sidewalk but then he insisted that he was a member of a church still I knew he wasn’t born again, I didn’t push further. I invited this person to my church, took his contact details but I haven’t been able to reach this person for the longest time. My only regret was not insisting on him becoming born again, but I trust the Holy Spirit will continue what he already started. I was busy recently when I got a call from an unknown number, it turned out to be this guy, we couldn’t talk for so long and then the number was no longer reachable. He had lost his phone and other belongings and was trying to reach me, I was trying to talk to him about meeting but the call ended abruptly.

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        This encounter happened in September of this year. And I spoke with him about John 3:16 and John 14:6

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        Yeodikitekon Igani

        This testimony proves that no acrobatics are needed to share the truth of God’s Word. The only thing we require is simple obedience to the nudge in our spirit, prompting us to share the truth of God’s Word.

        It also highlights the fact that we can only share out of the abundance of what we know; thus, a continuous study of the Word will give us an advantage, and properly position us with the relevant message.

        Our responsibility to the person being evangelized is to share the truth we know, whilst we trust that the Word will reproduce in his life; because, it is the Holy Spirit who works in the hearts of men to convict them.

        We should also note that the words we share are seeds. So whether the person makes a confession to accept the Lordship of Christ as a result of our message or not, we are rest assured that the Holy Spirit is already at work in their hearts (Rom. 10: 14 – 15), and we have made relevant contribution to the move of God.

        There is no telling how far reaching the extent of our message will be, if we do not speak up.

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      My name is Victor I stumbled into an argument about if it’s right to take alcohol or not amongst some good number of supposed believers and just two young men trying to clear their heads with a bottle of there favorite brand of beer.

      I felt a calling to share the gospel with these young men but not under such circumstances in other to win their trust I took over the argument to support them with just one scripture (Deuteronomy 14:26 KJV) And thou shalt bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul desireth: and thou shalt eat there before the LORD thy God, and thou shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household,

      With this, these unsuspecting supposed believers were thrown off there feet for a while then I said one word to them, “You claim to be christians and your core responsibility is to bring the message of reconciliation, hope and redemption and not condemnation. Please be guided”. I paid for these young men beer asked them where they were headed and offered them a ride offcourse with this action we were already friends and introduced ourselves to each other. Good luck and Hope were there names. one makes sharwama and the other Grill.

      As our conversation unfolded, a warmth filled my car then I dropped a bomb shell saying I would have loved to have a taste of this your beer one day because I’ve not seen anywhere in the bible where it’s written that beer is bad but I’ve seen several places where it’s written that being drunk is bad and also various places that states taking or doing things in excess is wrong. Do you get drunk at anytime or do you take beer in excess at any time I asked? The silence was so grave and immediately I knew that was the moment I was waiting for. I gave them my story of redemption and few others. The stories of redemption resonated with their own desire for a renewed purpose and inner peace.

      In that moment, I offered a simple prayer, Goodluck hesitated but Hope felt a stirring in his heart. The weight of doubt began to lift, making room for a newfound hope. With tears in his eyes, he embraced the transformative message of the gospel and chose to accept Christ into his life.

      Seeds of belief were planted, and a journey of spiritual discovery had begun for both Hope and Goodluck, guided by the gentle compassion of a stranger turned friend who cared enough to share the transformative power of the gospel. Hope requested for my contact and promised to come visit my church that he’s pleased with his encounter with me today.

      Firstly the important aspects of this conversation was from the lounge how I had to stand up for them not condemning them, showed them practical love and care trying to put myself in there shoes which resulted in gaining there trust and wining there friendship.

      Finally I give glory to God they were able to make a decision and we’re responsive to the gospel. I believe if we show more love and less condemnation we would make more impact.

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      Amotsuka Caleb

      My last experience sharing the gospel was to a group of 3 young men, 1 was a teenager while the other 2 were young adults. It was during an evangelism exercise and so I went with a sister.
      On entering their shop, which was a DSTV sales center, I immediately attempted to create a rapport with them by greeting them enthusiastically and asking them how business was going. They were receptive but still sceptical as they were not sure what we were up to. I then introduced myself and the sister with me and asked them if they have heard about the life promo. They looked puzzled and said no so I told them that we were here to tell them about the eternal life promo that has been running for a while and they need to cash into it quickly. I then proceeded to share the gospel with them and told them that God was offering eternal life to everyone free of charge but there were terms and conditions that needed to be followed. I shared with them the need for this eternal life and how they could receive this life and asked them if they have at any point received this life from God. One of them who apparently was their leader then started to bring up disputes and many irrelevant things to derail the conversation. Apparently, he had some knowledge of the Bible based on the questions he was asking and after a while I perceived that he was a Jehovah’s Witness. Having had several encounters with them in the past and knowing that most of them are just interested in endless arguments rather than any meaningful conversation, I started trying to end the conversation. Unfortunately, my partner with me didn’t know they were Jehovah’s Witnesses and so she continued trying to convince them but it only led to more arguments. I eventually had to tell them that we had to leave but I encourage them to try and know God beyond what anyone tells them. I told them that God is a living person who wants to have a relationship with man and so if they call out to Him from a sincere heart, He will answer them. The leader, still trying to be argumentative countered and said that the only way God speaks to man is through the Bible. The other two were listening attentively to all we were saying, and I believe that the seed to seek God personally had been sown in their hearts.
      In retrospect, I the only thing I think I should have done differently was to ask more questions to find out what they believed about Jesus before beginning to share the gospel with them because that will at least have revealed their stand to me earlier and if all they wanted was to argue, I would have left them must earlier and spent the time with someone else.

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      Share a recent experience (at least two months ago) in sharing the gospel with someone stressing the important aspects of the conversation.
      What was the main thrust of your conversation?
      How did the person respond, were they open and responsive to the gospel?
      Did it result in a decision to accept Christ as Lord?
      With hindsight would you do differently?

      Two months ago sharing the gospel with someone exactly on campus where we went for students invite for a program as we know it ‘’Generation Shift’’ that holds every last Saturday of the month. In the process I met two ladies walking by, meeting them was my target sharing the good news with them. Immediately I initiated the Holy Spirit within me to help draw them because he is the one that draw them men unto himself.
      I approached them, greeted and introduced myself to them and requested theirs. I trusted the Holy Spirit for the right word to say and God’s leading with strategy to woo them to Christ. Sharing the word quoting 8. ‘’But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; 9. if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that god hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 13. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. 14. How then shall they call on him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? 15. And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! Romans 10:8-10, 13-15.
      However the word was sown there was no argument, I asked with what we have shared and heard is there any one that want to accept Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour? Meaning it from their heart say the salvation prayer. Then I prayed for her because one of them accepted Christ not the two. She mentioned her name as I requested, but she was far from where the bus picks students and I encouraged her to look for a Bible believing Church where she can grow her faith.

    • #24076

      I would like to share an incident which occurred within my neighborhood when I went out to evangelize. I would usually go out with friends or a partner for evangelism but on this particular day I went out alone. It was a weekend and the streets were a bit more quiet than usual. I had walked quite a distance before I followed a prompt to walk up to a “keke” (tricycle) rider who was having a conversation with his colleague while they both washed their tricycles.
      I had planned that it would be a brief conversation and I wanted to emphasize the love of God. So, I started off by greeting him and I politely asked if I could talk to him for a few minutes.
      I think when people hear that line, they can almost guess what’s coming next.
      So, he said I should speak and he’ll be listening while washing his keke. His response sounded to me like he was ready to “fire back” with scriptures and so I just smiled, took a deep breath and talked very briefly about the love of God for us.
      The main thrust of the conversation was when I asked him if he was born again to which he responded saying “the bible says no man is righteous” and so he said he wasn’t sure because he would find himself doing wrong things from time to time. In response, I explain what it meant to be born again and how a person could become born again by believing in their heart and confessing with their mouth. Using the illustration of a good father and their child, I also explained how God is not mad at us when we fall.
      The keke rider didn’t directly answer the question but since I had given him another option, he went for that. The other option was, I was willing to stand in faith with him on any pressing issues if he was already born again. He responded by asking that we pray for God to give him wisdom for the new year.
      While our conversation was ongoing, he had been listening quite alright but he was still washing his keke. When I began to talk to him about wisdom or maybe a bit after that, I can’t exactly say at what exact point, but I suddenly realized that he had stopped washing his keke and he was looking at me straight in the face. At that point, he was very open and attentive. I prayed with him and for him and he was very thankful. I think the word of wisdom I received concerning his work and family also contributed to him dropping the cloth he was using to wash to give his full attention to the conversation.
      With hindsight, I would have asked the question again if he was born again. After the prayers I didn’t even remember that I was there to win a soul. It just felt like the meeting was just so that I could pray with him but I should have followed up with the question again asking him if he was born again or I should have exchanged some form of contact information with him. I should have also told him my name after he told me his name. I don’t think I told him my name.

    • #24923
      Yeodikitekon Igani

      The most remarkable experience that comes to mind is a conversation I had with a friend concerning a lifestyle choice that had not produced her desired result. Prior to this time, I had expressed my displeasure over that particular choice, which was her decision to enter into a romantic relationship with someone who had promised to foot her bills. We had conversations where I referenced myself as an example and proof that it is possible to have your bills paid by the increase that comes from the fruits of your labor. Though most of these conversations were unfruitful, I continued to pray for her.

      When her arrangement eventually failed, she called me in her distress, and I took the opportunity to remind her that God was very interested in us having our bills paid, and had already empowered us with the ability to get wealth (Deut. 8: 18). However, we would only come in contact with this wealth by the blessing that will rest upon the works of our hands (Deut. 28:12).

      This conversation ignited a desire in her to seek out the gifts she already had, and also identify the things she was naturally good at, that could be further developed to the point of attracting increase. I took the opportunity to tell her that if she will be willing to work in conjunction with the Holy Spirit by yielding to His impulses, it will make her decision process seamless, and she will be guaranteed good success. It was at this point she opened up about the feelings of guilt, shame and condemnation that had made her consider herself as being unfit for the presence of God. So I encouraged her with the text from Rom. 10: 9-10,13; and Rom. 8: 1. I also went further to book a counseling session for her, with one of the Assistant Pastors of my Church.

      In her case however, she was already born again and had received the gift of Tongues, but she had never taken advantage of any of her privileges in Christ. So I encouraged her to spend more time praying in tongues and join a Church where the undiluted Word of God is being preached. I took the opportunity to invite her to Church a couple times, whilst I continued praying for her.

      Our discussions were fruitful this time around, as she has put some savings aside with which she intends to start up a business. In hindsight, I would follow up more closely, and will not leave too much room for her to do what she thinks is right, especially if it does not align with the truths of Scripture.

    • #24931

      My recent experience in sharing the gospel took place in my school were I teach,I did not plan having to preach as it were but the opportunity came and I took advantage of it…
      Now what happened was that I female student came to report to me in the staff room that some group of boys are under the stair case looking at the underwears of female students as they climbed the stair case, u hear stories like this in a mixed school of boys and girls, on hearing this I went there my self caught all of them even as they tried to escape then moved them to the staff room to discipline them and report them to the principal so they can serve as example to others but all that changed when we got to the staff room…
      I asked them to first kneel down then I started to counsel them on the dangers of Pornography and how such act can lead them to even become rape victims…
      They were 14 students in number of about the age of 15 and 17 years, so I was lead to ask them what talents they have,they said they can sing,play drums,do painting jobs e.t.c and so I asked them are you really using ur talent for God in ur local church and I was disappointed with their responses, I then ministered the word of God to them, asked them also if they have accepted christ as their Lord and personal savour but only 2 out of 14 of them,so I immediately led them to Christ and asked them to repeat after me as I prayed for them… glorry be to God they were willing and responded…
      concerning the follow up i did not do a very good job, I did the follow up but not satisfactory.. I now know better and will put in more efforts next time🙏

    • #23485

      Reply to Evangelism and Follow Up Board Discussion 2
      This was a great feat, which calls for a celebration because a soul has been saved and won to the kingdom. Truly, your efforts are commendable, for your ability to spot your colleague who just relocated to your station is very strategic. Your wisdom in this regard was properly deployed and it did yield th desired results. Kudos. His relocation or environment change offered a unique opportunity, which paid off to the glory of God.
      However, there are still areas of concern, may be not in a particular order. Motherly love and the preaching of Christ may not sink well and that was why it seemed the mother’s did not yield the desired result. But the truth remains she sew the seed. While referring to God, capital letter should start it but you used small h, instead of H. it was a proper representation.
      Indicating the name of the prospect here also mean, you are not confidential enough in matters of such magnitude.
      Also, because you were loaded with scriptures, more than necessary were deployed and this has the chance to confuse and disinterest the person. Hence, it is advisable to narrow to few with John 3;16, 17,18, inclusive. Time factor should equally be considered.
      In the concluding part, you did say or you were rejoicing for bringing Matthew to Christ. No. You did no such. God brought him and glory to Him alone. Meanwhile, you are wise.

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