We offer a range of diploma and certificate programs that are calendar-based or self-paced.

The calendar-based diploma program for clergy lasts for 2 years with sessions beginning only in January.


The curriculum for students undergoing clergy training for full-time ministry at Ekklesia covers a vast variety as follows:

Taught Courses

The taught courses are spread over 6 trimesters in two calendar school years and add up to over 350 hours of instruction.

First Year: First Trimester Courses
  • BO-101-LC — Bible Overview LC: A general summary on how the Bible came to be.
  • NC-102-LC — New Creation Nuggets: A course emphasizing basic truths for a believer.
  • TH-104-LC — Theology C: The study of God.
  • CC-105-LC — Christian Character LC: Focuses on the development of spiritual character and godliness.
  • CH-106-LC — Christology LC: The Biblical study of Christ.
  • PN-107-LC — Pneumatology LC: The study of the Holy Spirit.
Second Trimester Courses
  • LB-201-LC — Little Beginnings LC: A course focusing on how God-ordained things begin little and grow.
  • TY-202-C — Typology C: The study of Biblical types and shadows.
  • ANG-203-C — Angelology C: The study of angels.
  • ANT-204-LC — Anthropology LC: A Biblical study of man.
Third Trimester Courses
  • FA-301-C — Faith C: The study of Biblical faith.
  • GR-302-C — Grace C: Grace C: A study on grace.
  • PR-303-C — Prayer C: Studies the different kinds of prayers as well as the principles that guarantee answered prayers.
  • SP-304-C – School of the Spirit: Studies practical truths concerning the realm of the Spirit and how to follow the leading of the Spirit.
Second Year: Fourth Trimester Courses
  • EC-401-C — Ecclesiology C: The study of the Church.
  • SO-402-C — Soteriology C: The study of salvation.
  • ES-403-C — Eschatology C: The study of the last things/last days.
Fifth Trimester Courses
  • HM-501-LC — Harmatology LC: The study of sin.
  • EF-502-C — Evangelism & Follow-Up LC: Focuses on the study of evangelism, missions, church planting and follow up.
  • PM-503-C — Pastoral Ministry C C: A very practical course covering a variety of issues relating to the pastoral ministry.
Sixth Trimester Courses
  • C CO-601-C — Covenants C C: The study of the different covenants God has with man.
  • PI-602-C — Purpose & Identity C: Studies discovering and walking in one’s God given calling and purpose.
  • MC-603-C — Marriage Covenant C C: A study of the marriage covenant.
L — Course for laity students alone.
C — Course for clergy students alone.
LC — Course for both laity and clergy students.
New Testament Studies

The New Testament Studies consist of over 300 hours of media instruction of the New Testament books especially the Epistles.

Media Seminars

These seminars are essentially recorded messages of the instructors as well as other seasoned ministers. For instance, clergy students take Healing School HS-204-LC via media.

Book Studies

Students are given books from notable authors to further enhance their knowledge along certain lines of instruction. Some of the books are mandatory, while the optional ones, afford the students the opportunity to choose from. However, students are expected to achieve an expected quotient before graduation. The studies also feature Book review sessions as well as group discussions of the different books.


From time to time, students will be sent out to evangelize. Among other things, this affords them the opportunity to practice what they are taught in the Evangelism & Follow-Up course.

Community Development (CD)

It is compulsory for every student to take part in community development. The School reserves the right to decide what form of community development the students may be involved in.

Mission Field Training/Trip (MFT)

During the school year, the students are sent on a Mission Field Training where they will work with local pastors in any part of the nation, especially remote areas. Each student is expected to submit a report on the Mission Field. The pastor, minister or missionary they worked under will also submit a report assessing the performance of the student. In the past Ekklesians have gone to places such as Gwoza, Borno State and Offa, Kwara State.

Project Work

In the second trimester, students are asked to submit 2 or 3 ministry related project titles. One of these titles will be approved as the student’s dissertation. The project work includes a defence / presentation of the project before the Faculty and in the presence of other students. The project work will be assessed.

Character Assessment

At the end of the School Year, students receive a detailed character assessment from the school authority. The purpose of this assessment is to show each individual the areas of strength they need to consolidate and areas of weakness that need to be improved upon.