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Good evening mam I don’t really agree to this school of thought that a believer is entirely a spirit. But am sure we are supernatural beings (spirit beings) living in a body and posses a soul.

Firstly a believer is not inherently a spirit, but the term is often used metaphorically to convey a sense of dedication, conviction, and faith. In a spiritual context, a believer is someone who adheres to a particular set of doctrines, principles, or faith traditions. The essence of belief lies in the realm of consciousness, shaped by personal convictions and values.

While a believer may not be a spirit in the supernatural sense, the term often alludes to a connection between the individual and something beyond the material world. This could be a higher power, a divine force, or a set of guiding principles that transcend the physical realm. In this metaphorical sense, the believer’s commitment and adherence to their beliefs can be seen as a spiritual aspect of their identity.

Belief systems often provide a framework for understanding the intangible aspects of existence, such as morality, purpose, and the nature of reality. Thus, while a believer is not a spirit in the literal sense, the term encapsulates the spiritual dimension of one’s convictions and the profound impact these beliefs can have on one’s thoughts, actions, and worldview.

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