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      One of the purposes of this course is to get a proper Biblical view of the study and the fact of sin. How will a proper understanding of this help you in your Christian walk? In your post state three facts about sin, and explain at least how proper understanding of one of them has impacted your Christian life positively.

      You will first make your post after which you will reply to at least one classmate.

      Your post should be a minimum of 400 words while your reply should be at least 200 words.

      Make your post by 11:59 p.m. (WAT) on Wednesday the 10th of April, 2024, then send your reply in by 11:59 p.m. (WAT) on Friday the 12th April 2024.


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      There are different benefits or blessings for the believer, that a proper or biblical understanding of sin brings.
      Firstly, a proper understanding of the fact of sin, leads to a deep appreciation of the grace of God and the gift of salvation, and ultimately the worship or fear or reverence of God. It produces such a wonder and awe in us toward the God who has shown us such mercy and grace.
      Secondly, a biblical understanding of sin leads to a deep appreciation for the forgiveness of sin and the gift of righteousness in Christ Jesus our Lord. Those who trivialise sin do not understand what forgiveness really means. They are hardly moved or touched by the idea that their sins have been forgiven.
      Lastly, an unbiblical view of sin will lead to a lack of transformation in a believer’s life. If we do not understand for example, that the sin nature is no longer the problem of the new creature in Christ Jesus but an unrenewed mind, then, such a believer would ultimately conform to the world. They would wrongly think or believe, that they are helpless and hopeless towards whatever sin they may be struggling with as a believer.
      Men like David understood these things. They understood sin and therefore had such a high regard and appreciation for God and His gift of forgiveness. Psalm 32:1-2, Psalm 130:4. (Romans 12:1, Ephesians 2:1-4).
      1. Sin is a fact. Sin is not an “error of the mortal mind” according to Christian science, neither is it a mere heritage of our “animal ancestors” according to evolution theories, nor is it non-existent according to atheists. It is also not an infirmity according to determinists, who present man as a slave to his circumstances, thereby robbing man of his free will, neither is it something to be sugar coated and trivialised according to hedonists, who believe that man’s goal in life is to pleasure himself and encourages him to yield to every and any kind of temptation. Sin is a fact.
      2. God did not create or originate sin. God is not the source of sin. All that God created were, by His own standards, very good. Genesis 1:31. Sin originates in the garden of Eden at the fall of man. Despite opposing ideas like the cosmic dualism that presupposes that good and evil are self-existent and eternal cosmic forces that have always been at war, and that sin has always existed, or beliefs like the finiteness of man and the sensuous nature of man that seem to seek to exonerate man from being responsible for his sin, the biblical understanding of sin is that it began with the fall of man in Eden. God is good, always good and only good. Hallelujah!
      3. The sin nature. Often, sin is limited to being just actions that men carry out or things that men do. Sin however, is more that just an action. It is first and foremost a nature, an essence, a constitution. It is the thing that makes a sinner a sinner. His essence and constitution is that of sin. Matthew 7:17.
      This means therefore, that for expressions or actions of sin to be dealt with, the nature of sin must be dealt with first. Romans 6:5-14. And this brings me to my next point on the positive impact of knowing this truth on my Christian walk.
      Because sin is a nature, and because that nature of sin has been removed and that the old man, which is the sin nature, has been crucified with Christ, I know that sin no longer has rule or dominion over me like it did before I was recreated in Christ Jesus. I know now, that I have the choice and ability in Christ to not sin. The sinner is driven by his sin nature to sin (Ephesians 2:1-3) but I am no longer dead in sin and trespasses. I have been made alive unto God in Christ Jesus my Lord.
      This means, that when temptation comes, I have a choice and I am empowered by God’s Spirit to walk away from it. I have a new Master and I am no longer a slave to sin.
      As a believer, who has new life in Christ Jesus, I only need to renew my mind in order to deal with any acts of sin in my life so that my life does not conform with the world.
      I have found it to be so in my life, that the more of God’s word I ingest, the more like Christ I become experientially.

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        Soton Iselobhor

        Well said. Your point on the effect of an unbiblical view of the concept of sin, is quite profound. More critical is the fact that the adverse effect here not only affects the unbeliever but the believer too. The believer who is meant to know the truth. Unfortunately, our society today is littered with all sorts of false teachings that continue to keep believers bound in ignorance. Some tend towards determinism in believing that they are helpless when it comes to sin. Some will even quote the scripture in Romans 7:15-20 to show that nothing can be done to avoid sin. So as believers all they do is resort to confessing every morning for sins committed “knowingly and unknowingly”,and beleive that they have received the daily dose of forgiveness that will expire by the next day.
        Another truth that is not emphasized is the efficacy and finality of redemption. Some beleivers have magnified the power of sin so much that they find it difficult to believe that God can forgive every sin. Having classified sin into big and small sin. They think that sinful acts like “little lies” are pardonable while rape for instance is too great a sin for God to forgive. It is for this same reason that some do not believe that God can forget their past and deal with them as brand new creatures upon salvation.

        In conclusion, while it is extremely important for every Christian to have the proper biblical view of what sin is all about, it is also important to balance out with the more powerful force of God’s love and forgiveness,mercy and grace.

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        I agree that Sin is not in the original creation. The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:27 “God created man in his own image” and this image implies personal holiness, righteousness, and freedom from sin God is not the author of sin, in his holiness, God is without sin or any evil. The age-old question of where and how sin began has been explored by so many scholars, yet none can give a completely definitive answer. As Christians, we should be grateful to God and satisfied with his sovereign will and grace. Romans 11:32 states “for God has consigned all to disobedience, that he may have mercy on all” God has chosen to save us through the blood of his son as a display of his sovereign mercy.
        We also realized that, because we were converted from sin and washed through atoning blood, God is glorified in his son, and in the power that his grace provides, enables us not to sin.
        A proper understanding of this has helped us in our Christian race. We know for sure that sin is not part of the original creation, nor was it decreed by the creator’s will. But the first man Adam and his wife Eve fell in the Garden of Eden and so sin began. Roman 5:12 states that, just s sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, in this way, death spread to all people because all sinned.
        The good news is in Roman 5:17 which states “for if because of one man trespass, death reigned through that one man, much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ”. Hallelujah

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          I totally agree to your point stated that sin was not part of God’s creation. Sin doesn’t originate from God.
          Sin is an act considered to be a transgression against God. Biblically, sin is ultimately sin against God.

          Only God in His infinite wisdom and character can and had determined what is right for man. God has revealed what is right through the person of His son Jesus Christ and in the Gospel.
          According to 1John 3:4 ( whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness) NKJV. “Lawlessness” in the above scripture is the failure to be law abiding . An all-wise God has determined laws that is best for mankind and sin on the other hand, is the failure to live by that divine law.
          Anything contrary to God’s word and how He wants you to live is sin.
          God wants us to live right by Him , He wants us to serve and obey Him but sin is the exact opposite of that. Sin seeks to make God a liar. No one should be ignorant of sin because sin is clearly defined in the Bible…
          Hebrews 3:13 ( But exhort one another daily, while it is called ‘today’ , lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.)
          While sin exhibits it’s pleasure , it conceals the pain and shame that follows . It promises more and returns less than anything known to man. For example if you yield to the sin of fornication and eventually contract an STD, it’ll bring a sense of regret because it didn’t present itself as an action that carries such weighty concequence in the first place but rather an action that’ll be beneficial to you both sexually and financially.
          Sin presents itself as the fulfillment of all the flesh desires and seeks to fulfill. It appears quite pleasurable In it’s pursuits.
          Sin occurs as a result of one yielding or succumbing to temptation from the devil. No one is free from temptations, even Jesus was tempted in all points as we are. Temptation is evil and God never tempts anyone . The root of every sin is the devil, do not expose yourself to the devil but rather expose yourself to the word of God if you want to come out victorious.
          The longer we yield to sin, the harder it is to resist it. The reverse is also true , the longer we resist the devil and his temptations, the easier it is to resist. James 4:7 ( Therefore submit to God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you)
          We were created primarily to fellowship with our Father (God) . We are created in the image and likeness of God and He has a divine purpose for each and every one of His creation.
          Through temptation, the devil attempts to steal your identity and purpose in God, with the hope that he/she would succumb to the temptation.
          Sin brings guilt and in turn severes your relationship with God. Just like in the case of Adam and Eve, they always enjoyed fellowship with God not until sin came and negatively affected there relationship with God.
          Guilt is the state of having done wrong, liability to penalty. Guilt cannot stand in the presence of God.
          As a believer, understanding this fact about sin has helped me to constantly practice spiritual sensitivity, knowing that the natural instinct of guilt is to avoid the presence of God, I am always on alert.
          My relationship and fellowship with God is very important to me and I always seek to guard it with all deligence . 1Corithians 10:12 ( Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall) NKJV
          Practicing spiritual sensitivity through the renewal of my mind with the word of God, consistent prayers and meditation on God’s Word has helped me easily detect the deception of the devil.
          As a believer, understanding that your relationship with God is constantly under attack by the devil , has made me place a high level of importance to my relationship. I clearly understand that I should In no time engage in a conversation with the devil because by doing this, it will only make me prone to succumbing to his lies. The only one I should always be in consistent communication with is my ABBA, For His word reveals both the intention of the devil and the thought of God towards me.

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      Soton Iselobhor

      For a Christian, it is fundamental and foundational knowledge that sin is what separates man from God. Romans 3:23 tells us that man in his default state has fallen short of God’s glory. The bible goes on to reveal in Romans 8:2 that in Jesus, Christians are being set free from sin and death. On this premise, it is important to have a good understanding of the biblical view of the study and the fact of sin. A good appreciation of the concept of sin will help me as a believer to understand the default helpless state of man, having being born into the sin nature and thus appreciate and the need for the redemption and restoration that salvation brought to mankind. It reveals and magnifies the significance of God’s grace, forgiveness and the sacrificial work of Christ. A good understanding of sin, temptation and the risks of hindering spiritual growth will equip me as a Christian to live a victorious Christian life being aware of the schemes and tactics of the enemy and how to overcome them. Another important advantage of having a proper understanding of sin, is that it helps me as a Christian to share the gospel effectively. By explaining the concept of sin and its consequences, I can help unbelievers comprehend their need for salvation and the hope found in Jesus Christ with a heart of compassion and love. 3 facts about sin that are revealed in the study of sin are as follows: Sin has power: The power of sin over man is rooted in Adam’s disobedience which the bible says has made many sinners. Therefore, we see a situation where man is helpless with a nature of sin that exercises power over him and causing him to do evil. Thankfully, Romans 5:19 tells us that by Jesus’s obedience many are made righteous and as such delivered from the power of sin, having the ability to resist, rebuke and ignore the devil. Henry Drummund in his article “The Three facts of sin” stated that man finds that his natural bias is to break away from God and good. He is clearly conscious that there is an acting ingredient in his soul which not only neutralizes the inclination to follow the path which he knows to be straightest and best, but works continually and consistently against his better self, and urges his life onwards towards a broader path which leads to destruction. This is the power of sin. Sin has consequences: In Genesis 3, God clearly spelt out several consequences flowing from the fall of man which was as a result of sin. Besides those consequences or curses as recounted in Genesis. The bible says that the wages of sin is death. Rom 6:23. Thank fully the verse goes on to state that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus. Sin comes with guilt and condemnation. According to Wikipedia, guilt is meant to motivate you to repair the damage you have caused to an important relationship but the devil uses guilt coupled with condemnation against some Christians as he constantly accuses them and keeps them from enjoying experiential fellowship with God. This was the case in Genesis 3 where Adam and Eve hid themselves from God. Conversely, the bible tells us that God forgives all our trespasses and when Jesus sets us free we are free indeed. The book of Hebrews 10:22 enjoins us to draw near to God with an assurance of faith, and our hearts cleansed from a guilty conscience. Personally, and flowing from the first fact about sin stated above, the knowledge of the fact that sin no longer has power over me, has been very liberating. At the same time, knowing that I have God’s Spirit and that I am equipped with His Word, are truths that assure me that I can live continually above sin. Psalms 119:11. With a constant renewal of the mind by the Word of God, I am able to build up stamina to withstand the enemy and His temptations.

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      Yes, having a good biblical understanding about sin, how it happened from the beginning and what become of man after disobeying God will make a Christian appreciate Salvation and will walk with a deep sense of the most Holy faith in worshipping and reverencing the Father in Christ Jesus no matter what challenge the Christian may face. I also acknowledge the fact in your statement “it will help to evangelize the Gospel” this statement is profound because without having a deeper revelation of the love of the Father to mankind and what He did for us in Christ Jesus the zeal to win souls won’t be at topnotch in the heart of a Believer and soul winning the Bible says is the heartbeat of the Father, in this note it is expected of every Christian in their walk with God to proclaim the Goodnews of the Father irrespective your level of biblical understanding at the Moment you go at your pace acknowledging the help of the Holy Spirit who does the conviction. Also I agree with you that sin comes with guilt and condemnation which can and will hinder our Christian walk with God. But I’m not really in tune with you at your fact that Sin is Powerful, how powerful can sin be in the life of a born again Christian. When you use the word Powerful I think you are magnifying the hand work of the devil. The WORD of God is Powerful and the word powerful cannot be use incorrelation with sin. Sin can be powerful in the mind of an individual i. e. The way you talk about sin or the level at which they’ve allowed themselves to be controlled by the act of sin which is slavery to the devil. Sin can be avoided and render inactive. Our goal is to von

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        Knowledge is powerful; people perish for lack of knowledge. Like light knowledge illuminates’ one’s path. It impacts behavior. A poor or wrong knowledge can birth a wrong belief and practice.
        3 Facts About Sin
        1. Sin is lawlessness (1 John 3:4) or transgression of God’s will, either by omitting to do what God’s law requires or by doing what it forbids. The transgression can occur in thought (1 John 3:15), word (Matt 5:22), or deed (Rom 1:32).

        2. Sin is a degeneracy from original good, not an original existence, creation, or generation; not by the Creator’s action, but by the creature’s defection (Eccl 7:29).

        3. The Nature of sin is a state of our being that separates us from the holy God; biblically, sin is ultimately sin against God.

        Sin is a degeneracy from original good, not an original existence, creation or generation; not by the creator’s action, but by the creature’s defection: this particular point has helped me personally in taking responsibility where sin is concerned rather than blaming God or even the devil.
        I understand that God didn’t create man a sinner or with the nature of Sin, rather God gave man the gift of freewill. He didn’t want a relationship with a robot but with a being free to choose.
        I am therefore fully responsible for what I decide to do with this freewill God gave me. It is up to me to choose God’s choice for me or do otherwise. Every day presents me with an opportunity to choose between pleasing God and pleasing self.
        I recently had a conversation with someone who told me It was God who planned for man to sin. In his defense Eve couldn’t have eaten of the tree God asked her not to eat of, If God didn’t put the tree there. This therefore makes God responsible for man’s sin.
        In other words, for every time man gets tempted and falls into sin, God is responsible. This friend believes that God should remove anything capable of tempting man to fall into sin away from man’s path. How Convenient; is it really a relationship if every responsibility is stripped off man? A typical example of what a wrong knowledge can do to a person.
        I Understood even better from this course that Adam’s disobedience was a willful choice. It had nothing to do with God. I know this because the Man Jesus; the second Adam was also tempted just like the first Adam but choose the path of obedience.
        Romans 5:12-14.
        For everytime I am faced with a temptation, God is not responsible.
        God has not only given me the freewill to choose, he has also graced me to overcome any temptation.
        James 1:13, 1 Corinthians 10:13.

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      The importance of the renewal of the mind and the consequent transformation that it leads to cannot be overemphasised.
      When the rubber meets the road, the difference between a growing believer and a stagnant believer comes down to this very important matter of the renewal of the mind. The difference in the experience of two believers will be determined by the renewal of their minds. The one that minds the Spirit will experience life and peace, while the one that minds the flesh, though alive in the spirit, will still experience death.
      One of the believer’s biggest needs will be that of a mind renewal.

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      Essay on Harmatiology

      Question: One of the purposes of this course is to get a proper Biblical view of the study and the fact of sin. How will a proper understanding of this help you in your Christian walk? In your post state three facts about sin, and explain at least how proper understanding of one of them has impacted your Christian life positively.

      Hematology comes from the Greek word hamartos meaning sin. Hamartiology, therefore, is the study of sin. From a biblical perspective, the study includes how sin was introduced into the world, how it impacts the world today, the solution to the sin problem of humanity, the judgment of sin, and the removal of sin at the end of time.

      Before delving into the various aspects of sin, Hamartiology first works to provide a biblical definition of sin. In short, sin is defined as “missing the mark” of God’s righteousness, through transgression of His laws or rebellion against His rule. The Bible clearly states that all humans (except Jesus Christ as both human and divine) have sinned and fall short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23). While some people sin more than others, “there is no one righteous, not even one”.

      Another important area of study is the sin nature. This is the question of original sin and whether every person is born a sinner. The Bible teaches this is the case: “Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned” (Romans 5:12). David acknowledged inborn sin, writing, “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me” (Psalm 51:5).

      Hamartiology in the aspect of judgment for sin. All deserve judgment, yet Christ saves those who trust in Him for eternal life and forgiveness of sins (John 3:16). Believers who sin may be judged by the Lord, yet do not lose the free gift of salvation (Romans 8:37-39; Ephesians 2:8-9). Those who do not trust in Christ receive eternal punishment in the afterlife (Matthew 25:46; Thessalonians 1:9).

      In the end, God will remove the curse and the existence of sin will end. Revelation 22:3 teaches, “No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him.”

      Ultimately, sin separates people from God, yet God has provided access to Him and forgiveness of sin through His Son Jesus Christ. The solution to the human problem of sin is redemption through Christ (Romans 5:12-21; Romans 7:21-25; Colossians 2:13-15). Sin will continue to exist until the end, at which time judgment will occur (Revelation 21) and the curse of sin will be removed as God’s children experience eternal joy in the presence of the Lord.
      Knowing all this facts about sin that one it is a disobedience from the rules of God two all men were born in sin and are cut short of the glory of God. Lastly salvation brought the forgiveness of sin leading to a total removal of sin bringing a sinless world. Therefore I love the last one which is that salvation accepting the finish work of Christ sin has no power on me.
      These so much impacted my life because I have been on the prospect of Christians repenting and continual confection and getting born again and again which will certainly look foolish. It rightly means after salvation we may make mistakes but we have been saved from eternal condemnation is left for our father to correct us and realign to what we are expected to do as a loving father. Now I can boldly come to my father who love me and send his son to pay for my mistake am saved praise God.

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