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Reply to Soton Iselobhor

I agree with you in this discussion however when we ask the question, why is it important for you to praise God for your answers before you see them?

This kind of praise is the highest expression of faith in believing in God.

Here praise which serves as a tool for faith in God, shifts our focus from the challenge to the answer. Faith in praising God for answered prayers before we see them is built up and we have more confidence in the ability of God that we have received what we ask for.

Another point that caught my attention is when you mention, praise making the waiting period easier. Praise moves our focus to the answers and manifestation of the power of God, which eliminates doubt and worry thence enjoying the peace that passes all understanding.

Praise is another weapon that triggers a miraculous show of answered prayer. In the case of Jehoshaphat in 2nd Chronicle 20 where the king organized a choir in front of the army that brought about supernatural change and victory for God’s people, and also Paul and Silas while in the prison, praised God before their manifestation came which is their ransom.

If we are engrossed with the problems of life, we rather move our focus of faith in God than not receive anything from God as the book of James said.

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