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My Response
I want to appreciate you for the efforts you made in respect of this assignment. However, I have my reservations as highlighted forthwith.
There is no biblical reference to back up your definition of praise; as I do not fine the said definition in alignment with validated ones and those variously put forward by almost all. Again, in your number one, you seem to be laying emphasis on faith than on praise; because you went forward to define faith suggests this assertion.
In the same vein, it appears you are still in the mood of the step of the earlier assignment of four advantages of New Testament and Old Testament saint prayer stuff. It is clear, we are no longer, in that regime.
Fundamentally, the question is about why praise God, why you are to yet see or receive the answers to your prayer or requests. Going by your dispositions, it seems to me that you were only interested in the importance of praise and not why profess Him before the thing you are asking for reaches your hands. I stand to be corrected.
This takes us to the concluding part. Because of the above observed flaws the conclusion was shaky and unavailable.

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