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oh thank🙏 you Sister just my response.

Praise is an affirmation of your faith and faith in the Word of God you know builds you up and keep you standing without wavering to a higher realm of Praise even when the situation seems very dark and that was why i used the example of Paul and Silas, the walls of Jericho….

Yes I used the Name of Jesus here because when you have a personal revelation about That Name JESUS, you take advantage of the name for your miracle in Praise and this begath(excuse my KJV English) the genesis of my number one point “Because you believe God’s Word; that is, I have read and found/know God’s Word concerning that situation before praying”

and my number two point “Because what I prayed for is inline with God’s Word/will; that is, you know you are not praying offpoint, you are sensitive to note you are praying God’s will for that situation at the moment in accordance to his word”

and thirdly, because of your personal revelation in the Name of Jesus, you seal your prayer up at the pronouncement of That Name Jesus. You believed your prayers had been answered even when you have not seen the manifestation…then you keep enjoying in the presence Praise and Thanksgiving in Christ Jesus.

Praise is an act of FAITH.
Your Faith begins were the will of God in known.

Praise is another highest form in receiving from God whether you know the Word or not because God reaches everyone of us according to the level of our understanding at the moment. Your genuine Praise to God will charge the atmosphere for you and turn things around supernaturally for our good even to the things that we have not prayed for. God is always ahead perfecting everything that concerns us and our Praise can be a trigger.

Thank you ma’am🙏 Sister Soton for your points of view, we are in School and I am learning, we keep learning progressively. May the eyes of our understanding continually be enlightened in Jesus Name. Amen 🙌 Glory to God.

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