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Soton Iselobhor

While I find some salient points in your discussion, that attempt to answer the question of the importance of praising God for answers before we see them, I am constrained to notice that for the most part, you seemed to be giving justifications for praising in advance rather than projecting the importance. I will try to convey my thoughts by considering your points closely.

Your first point says “Because I believe God’s Word, For God’s Words are His promises to me and they are ye and Amen.”
This comes across to me as an answer to a question like “Why do you praise God for your answers before you see them”. You are very right if you say that praising God in advance is a direct offshoot of believing in God’s Word but to say that it is the reason why praising God in advance is important does not quite seem fitting in my opinion.

Your second point says, “Because what I prayed for is in line with God’s Word/Will…”.
Again, I am of the opinion that this does not answer the question posed to us. On the contrary, this second response is best suited for a justification for praising God in advance and an expression of why the believer has the right and confidence to praise God before the answers are manifest.

In the same vein, I do not agree that your third point which states thus “I prayed in the Name of Jesus. The Name of Jesus is the guarantee for answered prayer”, is a fitting response for the question before us.

I believe the word “importance” in that question is the clincher. So that what is expected is an explanation of the advantages of praising God for your answers before you see them.

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