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I must say that you have done well in your response to the importance of praise you expect answers. The one that excites me the most is that praise is the language of faith. And the Bible says “faith without works is dead” works is present tense which implies Now. Because faith is now automatically praise is now. Hence, I feel you said praise is a life style. I agree with you.
Andrew Wommack said in his book, “Effect of Praise”, that praise is a way of enjoying life. Anything you do as a life style is meant to be enjoyable so, praise is enjoyment. It’s enjoyment because you are enjoying it, and God is enjoying it. Psalm 149:4-6.
1. It causes your circumstances to change.
2. You don’t only walk in faith you see that it ends in thanksgiving.
3. As you operate in praise and thanksgiving, it will cause your faith to abound or overflow.
4. Your faith appropriates and take possession of what Jesus has already done.
Colossians 2:6-7.
5. It runs off the devil and make the devil to lose.
6. Praise redirect you focus.
7. Praise ministers to God.
8. Praise builds our relationship with God.
9. You become an evangelist because you want to let people know about the goodness of God Psalm 107:8
10. Praise helps you to disregard difficult times rather it enables you walk over it.
I conclude by saying, praise is a hard form of faith as you wait for the manifestation. If you engage Psalm 34:1 “ I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will continually be in my mouth”, you will not only receive the waited answer, you will live a victorious life and a praise life style.

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