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Florence Oribhabor

Praise God forever.
My response to your point that praise can be done by singing, shouting at the top of your voice without minding the next person. Praise may not necessarily be in jumping and shouting only. Remember Psalm 50:23 talks about ordering your conversation alright. Praise is an expression of faith in God , it is a deliberate decision of faith you make targeting your attention primarily towards God and not toward man. Praise assures you of the continued goodness of God. Often time some people sing and shout for the manifestation of what God has already done. Sincerely, many times you don’t feel like, due to circumstance and situations especially when you’re terribly challenged. I believe praise is a revelation you receive from the word of God through inductive study of the word. Praise affirm the supremacy and Lordship of God just loving Him for whom He is regardless of the situation you are in.Then He will show up because He has control over every day existence, those praise produce assurance of the fullness of the goodness of God.Let me share a short testimony of God’s healing upon my life in 2019. I was ill to the point I lost my consciousness. How can you praise Him in such situations? The first thing I remember when I regain my consciousness was He is my healer, Jehovah Rapha is His name. Halaluyah.

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