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Florence Oribhabor

One of the ways we can glorify God is through praise. The most essential element we need in every kind of conversation with God is faith. Our praise life is closely connected to our faith life because:
1. Praise is an expression of our faith in God. This is a deliberate decision of faith you make targetinsg your attention primarily towards God, offering praise is the way of offering your lifestyle and your life will line up if you are a person of faith. Psalm 50:23 when certain thing happen in our lives sometimes, we suddenly respond with a song, how much more when we are trusting God for something.. Moreso we are spirit, we already have every thing in us to be a praiser which we are, nothing can be added to the spirit, all we need is a trigger to help our mind align with the Spirit.
2. Praise speaks of the power of God to all who will hear. The subject of true praise is the power, the wholesomeness, the goodness, the ability of God. Praise affect the hearer. God hears our praise in heaven, inspiring us to praise Him because when we praise Him, He changes our focus. The believers and unbelievers hears our praise even the enemy of God hear our praise, receive their quite notice and begin to submit.
3. Praise helps us to remember the faithfulof God. When you have the habit of praise, you remember where your have been and where you are now. As you praise Him you remember that He is Jehovah Rapha, my healer, , it give you faith to rely more on Him and it assured you that He is still with you. He will never live you nor forsake you
4. Praise work hand in hand with offering, praise does not hold back from its source of blessings because praise understands that the source never run dry. The sacrifice of praise is accompany with sacrifice of thanksgiving offering given to God out of pure undiluted gratitude, other offering that accompany praise could be faith offering which are seed. God has everything as we praise Him, He give it back to us.
5. Praise assures you of the continued goodness of God. Praise affirm the supremacy and Lordship of God and keeps Him in control of every day existence, those praise produce assurance of the fullness of the goodness of God, so your life will experience superior life through praising and glorifying Him

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