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Name: Ezeonugo ijeoma chika
I totally agree with your points above, This shows that the power behind praising God before we receive or answer is a concept believers needs to incorporate more in their daily lives , I also want to add a little more voice on points 3 and 4
3. Praise Speaks of the Power of God to all who will hear / It paves the way for God’s power to be displayed:
it shows the listening believers that there is power in our praising God especially when those believer knows what we are passing through yet they see our lips filled with praises. But for the unbelievers it brings them to know more about the power of God.
Paul and Silas in Acts 16:22-34 (NKJV) were beaten and scorned before the whole nation and put in bonds for preaching the word of God, the normal response would have been negativity, regret, even blaming God, instead they prayed and praise God in such a way others heard them.
Also another thing worthy of note is that the effect of miracle spread and affected everyone in the prison, their chains were broken and doors open ( Vs 26 ), and I strongly believed that not only the jailer and his household (Vs 34) was converted, other prisoners who saw this miracle first hand will also desire it’s source.

4 Praise Does Not Let One Forget (Leaving no room for negativity and complaining)
We praise God for what he has done in the past, just like you pointed out when this becomes a habit you spend less time focusing on your problems or even speaking or meditating on the problems because you can’t speak and think at same time (2 Corinthians 10:5, proverbs 23:7)
David was a praiser who never forgets God past faithfulness in his life (Psalm 46, 42:11, 56:3-5) he consciously remember all his past victories and it gives him the strength to believe God for more victories.

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