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My name is Sarah (say say). My reply to Ruth.
You have done great. I can feel you. Already in the mood for praise. Indeed, God’s greatness and the efficacy of His power were made manifest in the praise of Paul and Silas. Funny enough, the loudness of the praise, the earthquake, and all the natural disasters did not affect or wake the jailer until victory was sure. Verse 27 of Acts 16 you quoted, it says, “And the keeper of the prison, awaking from sleep and seeing the prison doors open…..”(NKJV), NIV says “The jailer woke up”. That means in some situations, the enemy will be asleep while God is doing His “thing”. Hallelujah! I am getting excited here. You equally said when we praise You are aware, God is aware and the enemy is aware. Unfortunately, in this matter, the devil was put out of the equation.
In verse 25 of the same scripture, let us know that when the manifestation of God wants to take place God can engage you at any time. Paul and Silas who were in chains and pain don’t have reasons whatsoever to praise God. That go to teach us that no matter how dark, and messy the situation may seem, Praise can unravel it.
I was in a praise mood as I was reading through you write up. Hearing from God is key as far as praise is concerned. Like the Testimony Pastor Nkechi shared about her daughter Cloe when she was taking this topic. She heard in her spirit, just start praising me. Baby came back to life. End of doctor’s report.

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