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I agree with you that we should praise God as an act of our faith in him and as an expression of our love for him.

I like the example you gave of Paul and Silas praising God in spite of the situation they were in. I don’t believe they knew they would be “released” that night or even at all because they were locked securely (maximum security prison not behind the counter). Maybe they considered a possibility of their release at some time but I am not sure they knew the grounds will shake and everyone would be free to leave that night (of course they refused to leave secretly).

When we put it in perspective, we see the power of what happened within those walls that night. Paul and Silas were not exactly praising God because they wanted to be released but in the middle of praising God, an answer that was far beyond their imaginations, manifested.

For me, this emphasises the point in the lesson that my praise should not be saved or preserved for a future time, date or event. It also highlights for me that God knows the intricacies of my heart better than what I imagine them to be. He is able to do exceedingly far above all that I can think or even ask (Ephesians 3:20). He knew why things had to play out the way they did that night in the prison. Maybe it was for the salvation of the jailer. Whatever the case, God knows how and when “my answer” should manifest. And so, I MUST trust him and because of my love for him, I do not insist on a pattern for my answers. Same way he will not insist on sending me a manifestation that I do not desire (1 Corinthians 13:4). My praise is an expression of my acknowledgement of his sovereignty.

Also, I cannot afford to preserve my praise for later. I MUST praise God now in spite of how I feel because faith is NOW! If truly he inhabits my praise (Psalm 22:3), then my praise brings him on the scene of things and when he shows up, things align for my good.
I am just thoroughly blessed by your response. Thank you.

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