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Praise is an act of reverencing God and Praise is the expression of your love to our Father God. It can be done by singing Joyously, shouting aloud at the top of your voice without minding the next person but rather you expect the next person to join in the praise because praise is contagious, praise can also be done by jumping and dancing hilariously that the naturals minds might think you are crazing (is just an act of being foolish for God as you give Him thanks…we owe Him our praise), Praise can also be done in bowing down and prostrating to our Father God, Praise can also be done in waving on of holy hands in an upward manner reverencing God.
Your act of Praise reviews your love and the depth of your relationship with your Father God. RC2024.

Why should I Praise God for prayers answered before I see the them?

1- Because I believe God’s Word. For God’s Words are His promises to me and they are ye and Amen.

2- Because what I prayed for is in line with God’s Word/Will. That is, I have seen the Word in the Bible and I am standing on the Word found and prayed accordingly to His Word concerning the situation. For God hasten His word to perform it Jeremaih 1:12, Isaiah 55:10. He does not lie.

3- I prayed in the Name of Jesus. The Name of Jesus is the guarantee for answered prayer.

Upon the affirmation of the above statement, it is important to praise God whether you are in the mood or not because Praise is another form of expression of your Faith and Love to God. A perfect example for me why I should Praise God for answered prayer before seeing it physically is that of Paul and Silas in Acts Chapter Sixteen verses Twenty Two to Twenty Seven, they love God, they believe the word of God, and they lived and acted the Word. They understood the Power of Praise…. Knowing the Word is not enough, Living according to the Word is not enough but acting the Word without wavering even when persecuted speaks volume about your Christian faith….. Paul and Silas in the midst of being persecuted for proclaiming the Gospel were locked and changed in a prison. They chose to Praise God instead of seating and waiting for what God will do since they are doing his will. They acted upon the Word even in the adverse situation they’re into. I can only imagine the expressions from other prisoners and the warders as Paul and Silas keep Praising God aloud. That is an affirmation of their faith and expression of their love to God and the miraculous happened.

My praise to God is an affirmation of believing God’s word and His promises towards me which are yes and Amen. I believe that God has answered my prayers because I have prayed in line according to the will of God. Even though I haven’t seen the manifestation physically I’ll Praise God hilariously because I have prayed according to His will in the Word concerning the situation. The Bible says praise God at all times whether you are in the mood or not. Secondly Praise is Ministering to the Lord, while waiting to see the physical manifestation we maintain the attitude of Praise in Ministering to the Lord it bubbles our hearts with joy. The Joy of the Lord is our strength; this is another important reason to praise God as we wait because it strengthens us and keep us in remembrance of the goodness of God for His word to us will never return void. Halleluyah.

In conclusion, It is important we Praise God for our answers before we see them because we believe He has answered. Your Praise is the affirmation of your Faith and in the Word you know. Glory be to God.

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