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Yes, having a good biblical understanding about sin, how it happened from the beginning and what become of man after disobeying God will make a Christian appreciate Salvation and will walk with a deep sense of the most Holy faith in worshipping and reverencing the Father in Christ Jesus no matter what challenge the Christian may face. I also acknowledge the fact in your statement “it will help to evangelize the Gospel” this statement is profound because without having a deeper revelation of the love of the Father to mankind and what He did for us in Christ Jesus the zeal to win souls won’t be at topnotch in the heart of a Believer and soul winning the Bible says is the heartbeat of the Father, in this note it is expected of every Christian in their walk with God to proclaim the Goodnews of the Father irrespective your level of biblical understanding at the Moment you go at your pace acknowledging the help of the Holy Spirit who does the conviction. Also I agree with you that sin comes with guilt and condemnation which can and will hinder our Christian walk with God. But I’m not really in tune with you at your fact that Sin is Powerful, how powerful can sin be in the life of a born again Christian. When you use the word Powerful I think you are magnifying the hand work of the devil. The WORD of God is Powerful and the word powerful cannot be use incorrelation with sin. Sin can be powerful in the mind of an individual i. e. The way you talk about sin or the level at which they’ve allowed themselves to be controlled by the act of sin which is slavery to the devil. Sin can be avoided and render inactive. Our goal is to von

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