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Soton Iselobhor

Well said. Your point on the effect of an unbiblical view of the concept of sin, is quite profound. More critical is the fact that the adverse effect here not only affects the unbeliever but the believer too. The believer who is meant to know the truth. Unfortunately, our society today is littered with all sorts of false teachings that continue to keep believers bound in ignorance. Some tend towards determinism in believing that they are helpless when it comes to sin. Some will even quote the scripture in Romans 7:15-20 to show that nothing can be done to avoid sin. So as believers all they do is resort to confessing every morning for sins committed “knowingly and unknowingly”,and beleive that they have received the daily dose of forgiveness that will expire by the next day.
Another truth that is not emphasized is the efficacy and finality of redemption. Some beleivers have magnified the power of sin so much that they find it difficult to believe that God can forgive every sin. Having classified sin into big and small sin. They think that sinful acts like “little lies” are pardonable while rape for instance is too great a sin for God to forgive. It is for this same reason that some do not believe that God can forget their past and deal with them as brand new creatures upon salvation.

In conclusion, while it is extremely important for every Christian to have the proper biblical view of what sin is all about, it is also important to balance out with the more powerful force of God’s love and forgiveness,mercy and grace.

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