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Soton Iselobhor

For a Christian, it is fundamental and foundational knowledge that sin is what separates man from God. Romans 3:23 tells us that man in his default state has fallen short of God’s glory. The bible goes on to reveal in Romans 8:2 that in Jesus, Christians are being set free from sin and death. On this premise, it is important to have a good understanding of the biblical view of the study and the fact of sin. A good appreciation of the concept of sin will help me as a believer to understand the default helpless state of man, having being born into the sin nature and thus appreciate and the need for the redemption and restoration that salvation brought to mankind. It reveals and magnifies the significance of God’s grace, forgiveness and the sacrificial work of Christ. A good understanding of sin, temptation and the risks of hindering spiritual growth will equip me as a Christian to live a victorious Christian life being aware of the schemes and tactics of the enemy and how to overcome them. Another important advantage of having a proper understanding of sin, is that it helps me as a Christian to share the gospel effectively. By explaining the concept of sin and its consequences, I can help unbelievers comprehend their need for salvation and the hope found in Jesus Christ with a heart of compassion and love. 3 facts about sin that are revealed in the study of sin are as follows: Sin has power: The power of sin over man is rooted in Adam’s disobedience which the bible says has made many sinners. Therefore, we see a situation where man is helpless with a nature of sin that exercises power over him and causing him to do evil. Thankfully, Romans 5:19 tells us that by Jesus’s obedience many are made righteous and as such delivered from the power of sin, having the ability to resist, rebuke and ignore the devil. Henry Drummund in his article “The Three facts of sin” stated that man finds that his natural bias is to break away from God and good. He is clearly conscious that there is an acting ingredient in his soul which not only neutralizes the inclination to follow the path which he knows to be straightest and best, but works continually and consistently against his better self, and urges his life onwards towards a broader path which leads to destruction. This is the power of sin. Sin has consequences: In Genesis 3, God clearly spelt out several consequences flowing from the fall of man which was as a result of sin. Besides those consequences or curses as recounted in Genesis. The bible says that the wages of sin is death. Rom 6:23. Thank fully the verse goes on to state that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus. Sin comes with guilt and condemnation. According to Wikipedia, guilt is meant to motivate you to repair the damage you have caused to an important relationship but the devil uses guilt coupled with condemnation against some Christians as he constantly accuses them and keeps them from enjoying experiential fellowship with God. This was the case in Genesis 3 where Adam and Eve hid themselves from God. Conversely, the bible tells us that God forgives all our trespasses and when Jesus sets us free we are free indeed. The book of Hebrews 10:22 enjoins us to draw near to God with an assurance of faith, and our hearts cleansed from a guilty conscience. Personally, and flowing from the first fact about sin stated above, the knowledge of the fact that sin no longer has power over me, has been very liberating. At the same time, knowing that I have God’s Spirit and that I am equipped with His Word, are truths that assure me that I can live continually above sin. Psalms 119:11. With a constant renewal of the mind by the Word of God, I am able to build up stamina to withstand the enemy and His temptations.

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