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Yeodikitekon Igani

The most remarkable experience that comes to mind is a conversation I had with a friend concerning a lifestyle choice that had not produced her desired result. Prior to this time, I had expressed my displeasure over that particular choice, which was her decision to enter into a romantic relationship with someone who had promised to foot her bills. We had conversations where I referenced myself as an example and proof that it is possible to have your bills paid by the increase that comes from the fruits of your labor. Though most of these conversations were unfruitful, I continued to pray for her.

When her arrangement eventually failed, she called me in her distress, and I took the opportunity to remind her that God was very interested in us having our bills paid, and had already empowered us with the ability to get wealth (Deut. 8: 18). However, we would only come in contact with this wealth by the blessing that will rest upon the works of our hands (Deut. 28:12).

This conversation ignited a desire in her to seek out the gifts she already had, and also identify the things she was naturally good at, that could be further developed to the point of attracting increase. I took the opportunity to tell her that if she will be willing to work in conjunction with the Holy Spirit by yielding to His impulses, it will make her decision process seamless, and she will be guaranteed good success. It was at this point she opened up about the feelings of guilt, shame and condemnation that had made her consider herself as being unfit for the presence of God. So I encouraged her with the text from Rom. 10: 9-10,13; and Rom. 8: 1. I also went further to book a counseling session for her, with one of the Assistant Pastors of my Church.

In her case however, she was already born again and had received the gift of Tongues, but she had never taken advantage of any of her privileges in Christ. So I encouraged her to spend more time praying in tongues and join a Church where the undiluted Word of God is being preached. I took the opportunity to invite her to Church a couple times, whilst I continued praying for her.

Our discussions were fruitful this time around, as she has put some savings aside with which she intends to start up a business. In hindsight, I would follow up more closely, and will not leave too much room for her to do what she thinks is right, especially if it does not align with the truths of Scripture.

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