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Yeodikitekon Igani

I like the opinions and thoughts expressed, as it highlights the simplicity and sincerity of the actions of Joseph and Rebekah, in their service to the respective recipients. As a result of this service that was appreciated by the master of the household in which Joseph worked (Potiphar), and the stranger by the well (Eleazar) Rebekah attended to; they were eventually rewarded for their services in due time.

Joseph was promoted to the highest office available in Potiphar’s house because of the excellent service which he chose to render as unto God. Likewise, Rebekah was adorned with articles of gold in appreciation for her generosity and was eventually selected as the bride for Isaac.

It is worthy to note that all of these services rendered were done with no expectations attached. But the increase and promotion that their excellent service attracted, was a by-product of the excellence they chose to operate with and a worthy reward that exceeded their imaginations.

However, in my opinion with reference to the matter in review I believe that Rebekah did not necessarily consider herself to be the solution to Eleazar’s needs rather, she considered her access to the necessary and needed resources a privileged position of service. This was expressed in her actions and understanding of the truth that wealth in the hands of the righteous is to be deployed as a tool for service.

This is why after providing him with water, she could anticipate the needs of his company, and proactively supply them (Gen. 24: 19-20). Furthermore, she accepted his request for accommodation and intentionally chose to provide more rooms and resources for his company (v. 23-24).

On that note therefore, it is better to consider the state of her birth as an advantage that enhanced the nature and quality of her service.

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