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I would like to share an incident which occurred within my neighborhood when I went out to evangelize. I would usually go out with friends or a partner for evangelism but on this particular day I went out alone. It was a weekend and the streets were a bit more quiet than usual. I had walked quite a distance before I followed a prompt to walk up to a “keke” (tricycle) rider who was having a conversation with his colleague while they both washed their tricycles.
I had planned that it would be a brief conversation and I wanted to emphasize the love of God. So, I started off by greeting him and I politely asked if I could talk to him for a few minutes.
I think when people hear that line, they can almost guess what’s coming next.
So, he said I should speak and he’ll be listening while washing his keke. His response sounded to me like he was ready to “fire back” with scriptures and so I just smiled, took a deep breath and talked very briefly about the love of God for us.
The main thrust of the conversation was when I asked him if he was born again to which he responded saying “the bible says no man is righteous” and so he said he wasn’t sure because he would find himself doing wrong things from time to time. In response, I explain what it meant to be born again and how a person could become born again by believing in their heart and confessing with their mouth. Using the illustration of a good father and their child, I also explained how God is not mad at us when we fall.
The keke rider didn’t directly answer the question but since I had given him another option, he went for that. The other option was, I was willing to stand in faith with him on any pressing issues if he was already born again. He responded by asking that we pray for God to give him wisdom for the new year.
While our conversation was ongoing, he had been listening quite alright but he was still washing his keke. When I began to talk to him about wisdom or maybe a bit after that, I can’t exactly say at what exact point, but I suddenly realized that he had stopped washing his keke and he was looking at me straight in the face. At that point, he was very open and attentive. I prayed with him and for him and he was very thankful. I think the word of wisdom I received concerning his work and family also contributed to him dropping the cloth he was using to wash to give his full attention to the conversation.
With hindsight, I would have asked the question again if he was born again. After the prayers I didn’t even remember that I was there to win a soul. It just felt like the meeting was just so that I could pray with him but I should have followed up with the question again asking him if he was born again or I should have exchanged some form of contact information with him. I should have also told him my name after he told me his name. I don’t think I told him my name.

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