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Wow! After reading this, I just want to go back and erase my own response to the quiz question. This is so inspiring, uplifting and exciting. Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for going out to reach these girls.
Something that stood out for me in your narration, was where you talked to her about a possible health challenge she was facing. It was just a reminder for me that when we go out to reach people, God is with us just as he is with us everywhere else. It’s so important that even as we speak, we’re not just speaking from head knowledge or depending on our ability to quote scriptures. I think that’s why sometimes some evangelists become debaters. They want to show that they know scriptures rather than show the pure love of God. My point is there is power available for us when we go out to reach the lost. The Spirit of God is waiting to manifest and while we speak, we are also listening to his leading and yielding to him. It is such a humbling experience.
Another highlight for me in your post, was the strategy used to reach these ladies. Many times, people want to celebrate their birthdays in orphanages or even homes for the elderly. Not that any of that is wrong but I never would have thought of a brothel. That is absolutely divine wisdom. I may be adopting that practice if it’s ok with you? 😊
Again, thank you so much for sharing.

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