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Being born again is one thing renewal of the mind is another. Indeed, renewal of the mind is the key and guarantees a successful Christian life. From what I gleaned from your write up, renewal of the mind is like physical mirror, it shows you your exact looks. So, it’s manifested in our day-to-day life. The Christ is not only seen in us but affects everyone that comes close or identifies with us.
Renewal of the mind is actually central:
• It projects us as light to the world
• It helps to lay aside those things that will not glorify God Matthew 5:16
• Consistent renewal of the mind opens us to correction, self-discipline.
• It helps you respond to situations like the example you gave in Luke 22:50.
• Renewal of the mind guides speech as you respond to people in wisdom Ephesians 4:29.
I agree with you totally, that renewal of the mind enables you to be kingdom minded. A situation where you don’t speak yet people are getting saved as a result of your developed character.
Let me share a life story to buttress this point. I went to the town market to purchase fish, I could not get the particular fish I wanted, for me not to go home empty-handed, I decided to buy something else. As I was prizing one of items, two young men stood by me and were arguing among themselves, saying, “she is a Christian, can’t you see, she is a Christian?” I turned to see what was going on, I discovered they had taken position around my bag. one was in front of me and the other was by my bag. I asked the seller to bend down. So, I asked who they were, the young girl said they were rubbers. I greeted them, then they repeated, madam you be Christian., give us anything we will go.” I handed the N200 change the seller gave to me, and they walked away.
What am I saying here? Your renewed mind, your developed character can radiate and express the glory of the Lord in you. Isaiah 60:1, Romans 8:18

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