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I agree that renewal of the mind is the keys to guaranteed success in every aspect of our life because when we were in the world we think and live our lives without heading in the direction God ordained us to,

As soon as were reconciled back to him we need to renew our minds constantly to know the plans and purpose for which we were made and fulfill it, it is only then we can say like Paul in 2 Timothy 4 vs 7 that I have fought the good fight and finish the race.

Your points are very good, I especially like points 3 and 4 because naturally a lot of humans shy away from the burden of making decisions (especially since they rather blame someone else when such decisions backfires) , but with the constant renewal of mind you know clearly what you are created to do and such knowing helps to shape your decisions, thoughts process and charts your life in the right direction, just like Jesus who had a clear purpose of his mission on earth and all through the scriptures every decisions he took was governed by that knowledge, we will be armed with the right knowledge and always know what we ought to do because we are not ignorant.

I also agree that to have the character of God we need to be in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit, because 1 Corinthians 2 vs 9 shows that only the Spirit of God knows the things of God, so he will align your actions and your thoughts daily to be like God’s own.

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