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I sincerely love the part where you spoke of balancing diligence and grace, because this is a core part of our lives as believer’s that is often taken for granted. We just want to sit down and expect grace to do it all. Sometimes believer’s think they can just do things anyhow they please because of grace. The reverse should be the case, we should take diligence personally keeping in mind that it is still by grace that we have been saved. Apostle Paul said, shall we sin that grace may abound? God forbid. As believer’s we should set the pace for others to follow and not the other way round but sadly this is not the case most times. You sometimes find believer’s display a high sense of mediocrity in all they do. They do it because everyone else is doing it and whichever they choose to do it, not necessarily the right way it ought to be done. But I believe a consistent renewal of the mind will be of help to this character of mediocrity.
I also love the part about mind transformation. This is a major part of our growth as believers. Without the actual transformation of our minds then we would not be able to experience righteousness in it’s fullness.

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