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REPLY to Christian Character Group Discussion 2 Assignment
Your opening sentences and introduction were very clear, good and commendable. The definition was apt and aligned correctly as expected. Meanwhile, it is very easy to approach the centrality of mind renewal from various angles; taking into account our primary knowledge, conditional requirement and purpose of God, in the life of a typical believer: focusing on character relevance and imperative development, in order to live and run a successful Christian race.
Having said that, it is equally necessary to point out few areas of concern. Your simplicity and style of treating five areas without in-depth touch, is worthy of mention. Further highlighting and detailed presentation could have helped to trigger more questions and learning. We think, this is the whole essence of the exercise. The entire exercise lacked title and subhead in order to guide reading and for easy comprehension. This puts everyone in jeopardy as where we are heading to and it ought not to be that way. Even if, we are writing out of point, there should be a definite direction and focus.
This work is good and deserve commendation; as the efforts alone is worth it. However, as students we are prone to errors and mistakes and even misapplication, which are unintended and should be understood in that context.
To be an effective and efficient believer, your character must be above board and must be better on a daily basis; otherwise you would not know when you enter the trap and snare of the devil. That is not our portion, one would say; only if we keep our eyes on the ball, without relenting through regular and continual renewal of mind to engender dynamic character development.

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