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Replying to Nnachi

I agree to your statement that good works stems out of a relationship with Jesus Christ was actually imparted in us at new birth and into our recreated human spirit, where we were required to remain that way, and having that seed planted in man as soon as one receives Christ, However one needs to develop that seed or else the seed will remain stunt. And will not yield fruit or harvest of the word of God.

This said good works that stems out of a relationship with Jesus was receive by grace Bible say not of works that any man should boast. Again it comes as light which God is light himself. The word of God is light and it gives light to the simple, we are to shine as light through the word of God in this perverse world and at the same time witnessing to those around our vicinity and society at large. As our human spirit is recreated, so we continue walking in the spirit Romans 8:4-5 which is constant renewing of our mind because we have a soul that lives in the body, and there has been constant battle between the body and soul, with this we know that this good works is about living out a godly character that will affect others ie. sinners even drawing them to Christ sometimes without preaching to them, perhaps the seed of the word of God that has been sown to that sinner but in his indecisive mood he sees a character proven and shown he/she just concluded accepting Christ and joining that fellow to their church.

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