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When we talk about the nature and deity of Jesus Christ, we refer to the humanity if Jesus Christ.
During the lesson we learnt that his deity as the son of God, tell us that in his place in the trinity through faith in Jesus Christ we can now call ourselves as the son’s of God. John8:23
It also explain that Jesus Christ was in existence before the world began in other words the bible refer Jesus Christ as the son of God.

During the creature he was address as God , because Jesus Christ is the trinity of God heads Colossians 4:5
In other words Father’s, son,and the spirit are one God. because they are members of the trinity of the Father. Jesus Christ was in a special relationship with his father and in a special mission luke 4:29
Jesus Christ claims to reside with his Father ( John 20:21) because he lives with his father and also depart with his father any where he goes.he also claims to be the only one who can uncover God the father by his self John 14’9-11

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