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Amotsuka Caleb

My last experience sharing the gospel was to a group of 3 young men, 1 was a teenager while the other 2 were young adults. It was during an evangelism exercise and so I went with a sister.
On entering their shop, which was a DSTV sales center, I immediately attempted to create a rapport with them by greeting them enthusiastically and asking them how business was going. They were receptive but still sceptical as they were not sure what we were up to. I then introduced myself and the sister with me and asked them if they have heard about the life promo. They looked puzzled and said no so I told them that we were here to tell them about the eternal life promo that has been running for a while and they need to cash into it quickly. I then proceeded to share the gospel with them and told them that God was offering eternal life to everyone free of charge but there were terms and conditions that needed to be followed. I shared with them the need for this eternal life and how they could receive this life and asked them if they have at any point received this life from God. One of them who apparently was their leader then started to bring up disputes and many irrelevant things to derail the conversation. Apparently, he had some knowledge of the Bible based on the questions he was asking and after a while I perceived that he was a Jehovah’s Witness. Having had several encounters with them in the past and knowing that most of them are just interested in endless arguments rather than any meaningful conversation, I started trying to end the conversation. Unfortunately, my partner with me didn’t know they were Jehovah’s Witnesses and so she continued trying to convince them but it only led to more arguments. I eventually had to tell them that we had to leave but I encourage them to try and know God beyond what anyone tells them. I told them that God is a living person who wants to have a relationship with man and so if they call out to Him from a sincere heart, He will answer them. The leader, still trying to be argumentative countered and said that the only way God speaks to man is through the Bible. The other two were listening attentively to all we were saying, and I believe that the seed to seek God personally had been sown in their hearts.
In retrospect, I the only thing I think I should have done differently was to ask more questions to find out what they believed about Jesus before beginning to share the gospel with them because that will at least have revealed their stand to me earlier and if all they wanted was to argue, I would have left them must earlier and spent the time with someone else.

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