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Christian Character Group Discussion 1
“Good works that stem of a relationship with Christ Jesus are witnesses for Jesus”. This posits that there is an existing relationship with Christ portending that there is a believe in the heart, counted as righteousness and confession with the mouth, of Jesus life, dead and resurrection, equated to salvation. This is the case of a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we stand with the above quote.
It does emphasize the Christian evidence of good character as to become a good witness for Christ in the utmost desire and quest to win souls to the kingdom. As a believer who lives and acts like Christ, your life will be become an example to others and therefore encourage them to seek and desire to walk with Jesus Christ. So, a Christian good works become instrumental to witness for Jesus Christ.
Referring to the scriptures, Matt 5: 13-16; Christians are referred to as the salt of the earth, and we all know the importance of salt and the consequent of not having it in our meals. It also says, we are the light of the world; a light without which the world will not have illumination. Our light should so shine before men, that they may see our good works and then glorify our father in heaven. In Phil 2: 14-16, the Christian despite all the world carries, still shines as the light of the world. Good behaviors and godly dispositions of the Christian attract men to the vineyard of the Lord and this is equivalent or equal to Christian character and are meant to be witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the potent manner to win souls (Matt 10:7-8), in the attainment of The Great Commission agenda.
The Christian character is the character of the Father-God and every believer who rightly align properly with God, will exhibit these characters and become a channel for effective evangelism and missions, even without a word but by mostly conducts. Therefore believers, we mean true believers will showcase godly characters, because the DNA in God has been downloaded unto them by impartation. With these embedded characters of God on the believer, witnessing for Jesus Christ, for souls conversion becomes an easy pack.
Regarding Eph 2:8-9; as referenced, it is a case of an unbeliever, being prompted to come over through faith without necessarily requiring or doing any work of any sort; as the grace of God is all that is required, available and not of any good works. So, the quote above run parallel to the intent and purpose of the verse of the Bible in this particular instance. Here, no relationship yet with Christ Jesus.

The quote above is valid, upheld and represents Christ character personified in the life of a Christian, through which such becomes a good witness in the realization of The Great Commission objectives and goals. Whereas, the second part is the first stage of getting an unbeliever to come over to the fold; who may graduate into the believers’ family and be imparted with the God DNA, to function too as a good witness for the Master’s assignment.

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