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Dear sister/ brother, I like how you have given different examples of the good works some disciples displayed in the bible. I also enjoyed reading the scriptural references you attached including the very important point of how our good works are a means of evangelism. I totally agree with you on this.
Imagine a colleague at work who is supposed to be a believer but their attitude cannot be described as good. That is not a good witness for Christ but I am also reminded of the story of Smith Wigglesworth’s wife whose disposition and response to him served as a good witness for Christ and eventually lea him to salvation. A believer in Christ cannot afford to have different personalities for different occasions or in different locations. A child of God should be a child at work, in school, on a plane, on a bus, on the streets, everywhere we find ourselves and not just in church. Our light must constantly shine so that men can be drawn to Jesus. Our good works are not just for a particular class of people or a group of people that have been good to us. Rather, just as Christ, we are good to all men, at all times, in all places.

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