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Name Ezeonugo Ijeoma Chika
Course : Christian character CC- 105 LC
Essay Titile: Good works that stem out of a relationship with Christ Jesus are witness to Jesus” bearing in mind that we are not saved by good works (Ephesians 2 8 to 9). Give validity to this statement or state otherwise
Work : These are things we do, our actions, it means we are always doing works either good or bad.
Good works : These are person’s actions and deeds that are seen (externally), it differs from grace and faith which are inner qualities. These also are works that are good that are done for God’s Glory.
Good work does not produce salvations, but these are product of salvation (Matthew 5 vs 16. )
Good work that stem out of a relarionship with Christ are works or fruits that emanates or comes as a result of us been followers of christ and abiding in him (John 15 vs 15) it follows salvation, they also point people to Jesus. Having a solid foundation in the word of God will help us not to be misled about what God considers good work that are profitable to the kingdom of God.
As we abide in him and allow him to reproduce his character in us, we keep doing good works like Jesus did. We need to do more than talk about Jesus to unbelievers because our actions speaks louder than words and these works are the first thing the unbeliever sees and recognize.
Ephesians 2 vs. 8 to 9 shows and is a reminder that it is not our works and acts that got us saved, so we will not get to a point where we feel everything is by our might, our works did not earn us salvation but our salvation should lead us to a life of good works and men well see and judge and be attracted to us and therefore to God through this good works (Matthew 5 vs 16) , we were created for good works (Ephesians 2 vs 10) and we have nothing left to boast because the source of our good should be found in God. It is one way we can witness and evangelize for men to see the character of God in us.
During Jesus ministry on earth, he performed great works (John 9: 1 to 7. John 6: 1 -14 etc) the good works was used to witness to the people at that time pointing to God (John 10 vs 25), and before he left he stated in John 14 vs 12 that when we believe and abide in him and he in us we will do greater works than what he did and we will be greater witness.
Biblical examples where good works was use to witness Jesus:
1. Dorcas known for her good deed .(Acts 9 :36 to 43 ).
2. Healing of the man at beautiful gate. (Act 3 1 to 4 :1 to 25)
3. When the apostles sold their good and distributed to everyone who didn’t have enough (Acts 4: 32 37)
In summary, I believe that your good works will bring people to you and they would want to know more about your person then use those good works to tell them about Christ and get them to say the prayer of salvation because according to Rom 10 : 8 to 10, a person is only saved when he believes with his heart and confesses Jesus with his mouth.

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