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I can relate to this experience because it’s a bit similar to the one I had experienced as well. This experience goes a long way to show that evangelism is not by our power or ability and it shows that we need to be totally depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit for evangelism.
It encourages us to keep on spreading the word and at the right time the holy Spirit will complete what he has started Since you were not able to get him to make decisions to rededicated his life back to God, but you were interested in how moving forward in his christian life especially in getting a new church without offending his Mother or cousin, also our sessions was cut short because his boss shut down the business and he had to move, no phone number to use to contact him and he refused to give his mother’s number to contact him. He took mine promising to call when he gets another job. I think one other thing you could have also done was relating this with other believer’s because people have similar experiences and no one should be a one man squad when it comes to Evangelism.

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