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The recent evangelical activity I carried out was with a brothel in Woji axis. This happened on the 3rd of September, 2023. I focus on the brothels more because I work in the rehabilitation home by the Carpenter’s Church called The Scarlet Thread Home.
The brothel is one of the difficult places to penetrate when it comes to evangelism. So, I looked for and joined two groups whose mission is to the brothels, and the vision of the Scarlet Thread Home is to rescue the ladies who sell their bodies for money and guys who patronize or are patronized for the same money. One of the strategies we have adopted has been effective in carrying out medical outreaches or marking the birthdays of any of the evangelical member who chooses to mark their birthdays with any of the brothels. Just to be able to penetrate the place, we put resources together for the medicals and support whoever wants to mark their birthdays.
We scout for possible brothels around Port Harcourt, pray, and trust God to lead us to a particular brothel where a soul is hungry or lamenting to gain freedom because most of these ladies are on strongholds. Many got there by chance and quest for money, and they fell into the trap I will call the lion’s den.
We carry out outreaches quarterly every year. So that now made me gain access one way or the other. In some of the brothels, the managers and owners of these places have bouncers that protect against what they call intruders, (the preachers.)
Outside of the organized outreaches, during the Carpenter’s Family Follow-up Group’s Evangelism, which is also quarterly. I visit these brothels. I either go into their rooms as if I came on a visit, if I have the name or phone number of the person I want to speak to or I engage a gist section with the manager while my eyes are scouting for a possible soul or client for Jesus.
The recent one I did on the stated date above went this way. I already have her name, through one of the ladies in the home {STH}, who is doing so well. They told her she had a visitor, and hoping it was a man she hopped out. Seeing the expression of disappointment on her face, I told her that her friend, Glory, the name she answered while she was there (they don’t bear their real name). That now changed her countenance, and she took us (me and the person I went with) to a convenient place where we could talk. I asked about her welfare, her health, where she is from, and her parents. I asked her what she liked most and enjoyed more about her “Work because they call it work or hustle,” she screamed, Mummy did you say enjoy? Hum! There is nothing they are enjoying here! It’s just that they cannot help and they don’t have a choice. I seized the moment and ministered the Gospel to her. I told her that there was a better option if she was interested. She jumped up and said she would do anything. I introduced Christ to her. Meanwhile, one of the hookers walked past severally saying, won’t you tell her that, quoting her “that you are an ashawo.” She keeps calling to announce that she has a customer. When I saw these distractions I intensified my gist, the lady too didn’t give up. I told her about the progress Glory is making. Then I asked her what would she love to do differently, and she said tailoring. I told her she could achieve it if she gave Jesus a chance. I told her the risk she was exposing herself to. I assured her as if I knew she was going through a health challenge. She broke down and went on her knees, then I led her to Christ and prayed for her. I gave her materials to read. I call her at least once a week, I have been trying to pull her out. She is indebted to her family, and that is her greatest nightmare. I am on her neck, to at least pull her to attend church services.
From what I have gleaned from these lessons on Evangelism, the role of prayers before, during, and after evangelism is key. The lady who was distracting was a target. I feel I would also find a way to reach her just the way Apostle Paul took advantage of the young girl with the spirit of divination Acts 16:16-34. The entire lesson had killed the fears I usually have when embarking on Evangelize. Ekklesia School has opened my eyes to so much truth.

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