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Great job! It takes guts to share one’s story with a total stranger. Apart from helping you to break the ice, you helped her and the husband who listened on to trust you enough. Your life experience which unashamedly did helped her to open up. As one of the strategies for evangelism, you were able to get to the result which is getting her born again (leading her to Christ.). As I said great job.
However, remember the first and foremost of the ten tips for soul winning, “the mental block,” that needed to be removed during evangelism. I remember when I was not saved, I detested Deeper Life members of their outlook. Some released a bad smell on you. If that woman was in the same state, you would have lost her. All thanks to God who prepares to hearts even before we get to the unbelievers.
The way you real out your points step by step, the ending or summary thrilled me. it showed you understood the lesson very well. The way you pledge your commitments shows you are in for a great exploit. May your desires be met far beyond what you can put in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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