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Yes, to add to John’s declaration of Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29), to show his deity. It is clear that Jesus is God because no ordinary man, born through the natural birth could take away the sins of the world. Hence, the saviour of the world must be a man who would pay with his blood(life) by the justice of God(the soul that sins shall die and the wages of sin is death).

Now, the lamb of God was one without sin and Jesus could only fit in as that lamp because his life was incorruptible- the life of God which became seed in Mary through the power of the Holy Ghost. Bringing God in flesh. Hence, the claim of Jesus as the lamb of God declares Jesus as one with God because only God could save the world.

John 3:16, reveals that Jesus- the Son of God is equal with God the Father. For it tells us that those who believe in Jesus, will have their human life supplanted by the divine life- eternal life; life as God has it. Such depth! Jesus was the only one in possession of that life and is the only one who can “rebirth” men, bring them into a changed and new root. To the same roots with the living God. So even though we as believers and as sons of God can give life to men, it is based only on the revelation of the Lord Jesus. Hence, we point men to Him till date. Like it is said, “you can’t give what you don’t have”…we have today because He gave us that life. He has it because it is His life and that life is the very life of God. Jesus is God. The Son of God who reveals God and His life to all men.

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