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MY REPLY 1: Servanthood
Going by your submissions, while I do admit and agree with most of them regarding service outgrowth, I find it difficult to subscribe and reconcile with the leadership disposition: knowing it has to do with influencing a person or group to achieve a goal. That takes me to the question of: how does a cleaner or messenger- through your leadership concept, influence the CEO for that purpose. The reverse is the case; thereby being one way traffic and negating the servanthood idea. To that extent, defining leadership, with entirely organizational background and mindset, might not give us the expected meaning of servanthood.
Jesus made us to know that He has come to minister(serve) and not to be ministered(served) unto. So, the bone of contention here is service and not leadership; as both have different meanings and connotations. Otherwise, the congregation in the Church and the rank and file staff in organizations will not have any place in serving and becoming servants. This will be contrary to the purpose of God for us; having been an example for us to follow.
Therefore, serving to become servant and not leadership as oga is most important, desirable and needful.
In the same vein, saying a person can only outgrow service if he/she was serving with false humbiity equally gives me concern. Because, service under pretence is no service and therefore, does not qualify and align with the perspective under discussion.
A person who abides by all the principles and dictates of servanthood is a servant and will never outgrow his/her service in either side of life.

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