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Reply to Nnachi:
Indeed the way of God is a path of servanthood He showed us this by offering us the best of Himself according to (Matt 23:11-12; Mark 10:43-45). There is no end to service and therefore it cannot be outgrown and cannot be retired from or brought to an end. It’s a continuous process. Even Where you think, there is nothing to offer; check well to identify, anticipate or create the opportunity to serve. Serving is of extreme importance to our growth as believer’s. Life is a believer is in stages therefore servanthood is also in stages. You grow by bringing up others to follow you but you must lead by example. The more faithful you are in your service, the faster you grow.
A great leader is first a servant, once a leader has this as an inner disposition then their actions will naturally align. Using Paul as a case study in Titus 1:1 Paul was one of the greatest apostles to walk the face of the earth, as a matter of fact he wrote most of the books in the New Testament, yet he called himself a bondservant of God. Therefore his apostleship was only as credible as his servanthood, he didn’t attribute his success to his achievements rather he attributed it to his servanthood.

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