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Evangelism and Follow Up Assignment Group Discussion 2
In the month of August 2023, after a series of evangelism activities, my Pastor gave me a lead to a prospect/target and after due preparations and with the Pastor’s support I made my way on that fateful Saturday, to the shop.
Beautifully, the person I was searching was the same person I enquired from. After introducing myself; which included the church I came from; went further to ask about the family and the business. As the responses were coming, the real essence of my coming was brought onboard; which was the gospel message and she was excited. Actually, I began by using a brief of my life history as it pertains to the gospel. I gave practical experiences of my personal life. Several verses of the Bible were read to buttress or as the bedrock of the discussion. Fundamentally, she welcomed and accepted the Gospel message wholeheartedly and assured of her readiness to come to worship God in our Church; by enquiring on her own our days of activities. This was eventually volunteered to her.
After the brief and direct encounter, she opened up some of her life challenges, which included top family issues/desires, business issues as among others. Thereafter, we prayed together and those of her prayer needs were equally placed before God; apart from formerly leading her to Christ. Also, regarding her we offered professional advice, in addition to the said prayers. As this was ongoing, the husband worked in and listened attentively to most of the chats and prior leaving I had a brief warm exchanges with him, in which he was invited to Church. We left there with our hearts filled with joy and hands full of requests and demand for spiritual demands. It was a reassuring and rewarding encounter.
As earlier highlighted, the prospect as a result made a decision to believe and follow the Lord, and we were happy for that attainment. Uptil date, she is being followed up successfully.
However, with the Ekklesia experience in this few weeks, one observes that the difference is very clear and the reasons why most prospects are not won to the Lord, is vividly known. This goes to explain that evangelism to large extent is being practiced without the right skill, experience and knowledge. Hence, the low outcome. There should be clear area of demarcation between analogue and digital on the matters of evangelism and follow up. The undisputable position of the word or command of God should be respected without compromise.
The Ekklesia School and others efforts should be streamlined, to dynamically and systematically upgrade/update the tenets of evangelism and follow up procedures and guidelines, in the now; in order to achieve the goal of the Master. Going by what is available in the archive of Ekklesia, what is not done outside is only termed evangelism and follow up and never in the right sense of it. Much education and awareness are required if every Christian can win one soul in a month and may be twelve in a year.

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