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I agree with you that true service is unrelated to your state of birth or born as you put it. You said that Rebekah worked effortlessly and willingly to serve as a “servant”. That is where my bone of contention lies. The Bible describes how wealthy Abraham was, even Abraham’s servant explained the same to the family of Rebecca. Someone who traveled with ten (10) camels mounted by men, gold and silver, am sure did not appear like a servant. Though he introduced himself later as one. Genesis 24:28-30 states that when Rebekah ran home to tell her mother what had transpired between her and Abraham’s servant, Laban his brother seeing the nose ring and the bracelets, ran to him. Without much grammar, he invited time he invited him in. You can’t perceive someone as a servant and give him the honor of a king.
The principles of service; choice, willingness, mindset, and divine opportunity, may have played out during their service, but the scenarios cannot be likened to be the same. Rebekah stumbled on her divine opportunity while Joseph’s was through progressive revelation.
Secondly, your conclusion is contradicting the assignment given. We were asked to either compare and contrast Rebekah and Joseph’s service or a leader outgrow service. You were meant to write on one of them.

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