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Lets Get This, The Place where you were born is not a function of where your purpose will be fulfilled. Whether or not Rebecah came from a wealthy home does not change her from being the right wife for Isaac and also prayer answered for both Abrahim and his servant who they swore together. Gen24:9 So the Servant Put his hand under the thigh of his Master Abraham and swore an oath to him concerning this matter. This is purely Service that took Rebecah to her place of Honour. Rebecah had the right attitude in that she did not wait for anyone to dictate a God given opportunity, she discovered for herself.
While Joseph in the prison served as a dream interpreter that took him to Potipha’s house. Joseph served willingly and faithfully that made his Boss Potipha made him ruler and in charge of everything up until contrary with Potipha’s wife that set him up for Honour.
Both Joseph and Rebecah had the right attitude, which we say that attitude is the state of the mind. Faithfullness in service should run through all stages in life.
Hence it Takes greatness to become a servant and servant to become greatman.

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