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We now come to the dialogue of Jesus and the Jews in which he exclaims “I AM the bread of life.
”John.6.30 They waffled: “Why don’t you give us a clue about who you are, just a hint of what’s going on? When we see what’s up, we’ll commit ourselves. Show us what you can do.
They actually sort for manner from above.And this is a problem we’ve seen not only in the Gospel,also in the world today. Most people are more interested in the miracles than in the one who does them. They are more interested in filling their bellies than in feeding their souls. Like you mentioned Jesus as the bread of life nourishes people, spiritually and he also satisfies the deep spiritual longings of their souls. Manner, Bread and man’s mere words will never do (man shall not live by bread alone) so God sent his only begotten son as “The bread of life, The Word, the living proof.

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