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My reply post to Florence Oribhabor
True service is unrelated to your state of birth because service is not from born but rather a delebrate choice or effort you make to serve.
I completely agree on the writer on this because both Rebekah and Joseph never allow their social status affect their service to whoever came their way.
We could see clearly that this is who they are, disciplined, humble, with servant heart and they weren’t just acting to get something in return (eye service) as can be seen in the lives of a lot of today’s leaders. Looking at Joseph’s history, he had good vision of how great he was going to be yet, he took care of his father’s flock. Even as a slave he had plenty opportunies to advance by his power, but his love and respect for God stopped him from doing evil.
Rebekah already showed she was hard working (they had servants in their house Genesis 24 vs 61, yet she did not see anything wrong in going to fetch her water or even “stooping” low to serve a servant), compassionate and serving came natural to her.
Both were settled in theiir identity and purpose in life and knew that their current state will not affect who they are.
Just as the writer pointed, when we are settled in our identity and discover our purpose we will not serve because people are watching or to get recommendation from people, but it will be our daily life activities understanding that our sevice is first to God before to any human.

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