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I totally agree with your position on how service in church is propelled by a genuine love for God.
The value we place on a thing or person will be seen in our commitment as we give our time, talent or treasure.
According to scriptures, love can grow cold and when that happens, commitment can wane. In such a case we may not say that a person has outgrown service but it may be evident that their desire to serve is diminished.
In your comment, you have balanced this well by stating that a relationship with God can sustain service and again I agree. When a person focuses on pleasing God and not pleasing people, their strength is renewed and they are able to develop creative ways to stay in service to the one they love. Love always has a heart to give and as leaders continue to fan the flame of love, they will always devise ways to serve.
In a case where a leader considers themselves too highly placed to serve, it may be as a result of pride. You addressed this by detailing how submitting oneself to the authority of God’s word and walking by his Spirit, will regulate and maintain a good heart that is willing to serve.
As we walk closely to God, it becomes easier to derive joy and fulfillment of purpose in our service to humanity.

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