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Rebekah actually identified an opportunity to serve and stepped into it to fulfill her divine purpose in life. It was not the case of seeing an opportunity because you see something without knowing or understanding where it will take you to.
The essence of this discussion was for the comparsim of the similarity and differences which occurred with Rebekah with Abraham’s servants and Joseph and Portiphar house in Eygpt. I want to state that justice was not done, except for stating the relevant biblical portions. However, I commend the effort.
Be that as it may , it is good to acknowledge that highlighting them opened up issues correctly. While Rebekah identified an opportunity and stepped into it, Joseph was circumstantially found himself in the house of Portiphar as a slave. Forced labour if you ask me. However, that did not deter him to forget his dreams, even when Portiphar wife came knocking, to distract him from his divine path. For me, Joseph was a very focused personality and knew what he wanted. In the case of Rebekah, I am doubtful whether she passed through any challenging circumstances to text her commitment to her servanthood potentials. that she was a gift by a stranger and was so excited with it a put a question mark on her person. This Joseph may not do; because he had a goal. Do not forget; he was a dreamer and therefore a vision carrier. Rebekah was not a dreamer and anything can go.
Both are woman and man of destiny; as each pallied through the path designed divinely. Both are in rendering functions, work, occupation in the true sense of serving others and to a great essence served credibly well. No wonder, they are personalities of repute in their own rights, till date. Thy are references for us as believers in particular and humanity in general.
Their credible credentials of servanthood stand to be emulated.

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