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Service has variously been defined as occupation of person, work as per formal duties, system of assignment, ways or mode of serving or rendering activities; act or condition, depending on the position based on the prevailing circumstances.
Clearly speaking, it is all about one serving the other or others in the process leading to being called a servant. Servanthood is the bottomline of the exercise. The word service or servant was modelled by our Lord Jesus Christ and it is expected to be our hallmark. Several biblical references attest to this, Isaiah 52:13-53:12. In the same vein, we are admonished to lead by serving others (Matt 20:25-28), as to serve also means becoming a slave and at the same time the greatest among your peers. Jesus exemplifies this, by coming not to be served but to serve humanity. Serving others brings one to be the first among equals. Jesus emphatically told His disciples that, anyone who desires to be first, he shall be last and servant of all. So, by this serving, ‘way up is down’(Mark 9:33-35). Therefore, in any contrary circumstances, service is out of it. Also in Mark 10:43-45, Jesus re-emphasised this position, signaling the importance service. Recall, the washing of feet of the disciples by Jesus in John 13:12-17. Meanwhile, that example was then applicable. This was an illustration and does not in any manner represent any doctrinal practice.
There are great rewards of service and servanthood (the act of serving), if the four principles of service: unrelated to the state to your birth; it is a choice you make; it is not determined by the action you perform and service is never outgrown steps are scrupulously adhered to, as explicitly put forward and supported by Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:2-11 and Hebrews 4:1-16.
As highlighted above, service is the duty of everyone, at each point in time and therefore, does not exclude any one. That is everyone is meant to serve, as long as such live on either side of the world. The one at the top of the organization as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is ought to be the biggest servant; for the Church the General Overseer (GO); while for the home, the Father. Service can never be outgrown by any servant. In fact, it is synonymous with life; because faithfulness in service should be exhibited through all stages and phases of life.
Let us look at this example, using the church: where we have the GO, AGO, Superintendent, Pastors, Assistant Pastors, Church workers and the congregation. Each of these persons and groups are in position in various degrees and are expected to deliver service accordingly. However, the GO in this case, if he must be great is expected to show great deal of servanthood spirit and never to relent in ensuring that there is increase in service delivery from one level to the other. It also means that as you ascend the hierarchical organogram, your degree of serving should be multiplied geometrically. The faithfulness in one level of service should be re-echoed in the next level of service (Luke 16:10-13). It is very necessary we are faithful in whatever is assigned to us because it is divine and should not be taken for granted. In order to establish and sustain servanthood, accountability and transparency are critical elements.
In summary the way of God is a path of servanthood-by offering us the best of Himelf (Matt 23:11-12; Mark 10:43-45). There is no end to serving and therefore cannot be outgrown and cannot be retired from or be tired of. Where you think, there is nothing to offer; check well to identify, anticipate or create the opportunity to serve. Serving is synonymous with useful life and must be through all stages, steps and phases of life; provided faithfully conducted.
Greatest is determined by the degree of servanthood. Hence, servanthood is not tied to your low economic standing or societal ranking but a choice made if one must be great and important in the society and in cognizance with the will of the Master as elucidated in the scriptures above. It should be noted that it takes greatest to become a servant and it takes servanthood to become a great man. Therefore, it is a privilege to serve and become servant, as it guarantees one chance to be a great and happy man with rest (Heb 4:16; Matt 11:28).

Nnachi K. I.

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