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Florence Oribhabor

True service is unrelated to your state of birth because service is not from born but rather a delebrate choice or effort you make to serve.
Rebekah was born in an influential family, yet she worked effortlessly and willingly to serve a servant. Her response to Abraham servant (Eliezer) shows that she has a right mindset of service irrespective of her economy status.
Rebekah did not only serve Abraham’s servant but also served his camel emptied her pitcher into the trough until they finished drinking. Genesis 34:17.
Joseph on the other hand serve as a slave or a house boy in Potiphah house.His conditions did not stop him to serve because the state of a servant is not inflicted upon him by state of his birth or by the family conditions therfore its ones deliberate choice either as a son or as a daughter of wealthy or influential family or a poor miserable family as long as there is a change mindset.
Secondly, Rebekah identifies God given opportunities to serve Abraham’s servant, and she steps into it. So Rebekah moved from her father house to her husband house. While Joseph moved from his master Potiphah house to prison.
Similarly, Rebekah and Joseph work and perform the same duties or functions towards the needs of people in society. Both of them were servants, not just Joseph, a house boy in Potiphah house.
Both of them were served willingly as a young virgin
identified and anticipated God-given opportunities that come their way, and they step in.
In conclusion, as a believer, you can not outgrown or grow the rank in church or organisation that you are not able to serve. Jesus himself serves, and He said He did not come for humanity to serve him. Rather, He came to serve humanity. Jesus was a servant, so anyone who desires to be great must serve and understand the principles of service. A change in mindset can also see that the principle of service should really transient through every facet of the society whether you are at the top of the organisation or a messager. As a believer, you need to understand some basic truth that for you to successfully serve in a church setting organisation where God has called you serves you to understand
1. true identity in Christ,
2. A constant renewal of the mind irrespective of the state of your birth will enable you to have servant heartby always
3. It is clear that you have a purpose in this life that you a solution to the question and need of multiple. We can find this in Jesus, who is our perfect example of service and to identify these 3 keys. John 13:3.For you to be able to serve. Successful in any area of life or in local church, you should understand that everyone is a servant and be ready to serve one another irrespective of your status in society. As a true believer, when you serve, you become great, and your greatness is a result of your servanthood

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