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Rebekah and Joseph both came from a different socio-economic status. Although Rebekah was born and brought up in a wealthy family, she didn’t consider it belittling or derogatory to serve Abraham’s servant by giving him water to drink when she was asked. Gen 24:18 NKJV. She had the right mindset. Joseph on the other hand, was a slave in Potiphar’s house. As a slave, he had the right mindset of servanthood, he didn’t consider his state as belittling or derogatory, he served Potiphar such that Potiphar saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord prospered all that he did. Gen 39:2-4NKJV.Joseph and Rebekah both had an understanding of their true identity which was in God.
Rebekah saw herself as a solution to Abraham’s servants needs and Problems. Gen 24:18NKJV, she was able to identify a God given opportunity to serve when she said” Drink, my lord”. And she quickly lowered her pitcher to her hand and gave Abraham’s servant water to drink at his request, so also, Joseph, he served Potiphar and his household such that Potiphar left all that he had in Joseph’s hand and he did not know what he had except the food that he ate. Gen 39:3-6NKJV
Rebekah had the right attitude. She was able to anticipate the needs of Abrahams servant thus creating an opportunity to serve. In the book of Gen24:19-20NKJV. Rebekah said, I will draw water for your camels also, she quickly emptied her pitcher into the trough, ran back to the well to draw water and drew for all his camels. she knew exactly what to do and did it. So also, Joseph found favor in Potiphar’s sight and served him. Gen 39:4NKJV. Both Rebekah and Joseph had the right attitude. true service is a state of the heart and out of that state of the heart, actions will follow. Actions are visible but attitudes are of the heart. Therefore, their actions enhanced the right attitude in them.
Rebekah and Joseph had true humility in service. They were not hypocrites. They did not cross their boundaries. They were true imitators of the people they served. When Abraham’s servant adorned Rebekah with the golden bracelet and nose ring, she immediately ran home to tell her family Gen 24:28. Joseph also did not take advantage of his master’s wife when she wanted to sleep with him. He knew his boundaries. Gen39:7-9.

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