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Can a person outgrow service? How can a leader who has grown in the ranks in church or in an organization still be able to serve?
Outgrow: it means to lose a habit, idea or reputation etc in the course of development or time.
Service: it is the performance of a duty or function.
Leader: He is someone who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. He has a shared vision aligned with core values and understands what it will take to reach the team goal.
No, a person can only outgrow service if he was serving with false humility, wrong motive and he had a targeted position of which when the target is achieved he sees no reason to continue pretending.
A person cannot outgrow service because we were called to be servant, and it comes from our inside out and the reward for hard work is always more work, service is not just an errand that is reserved for the lowest personnel but for everyone, as one grows in status they give more in their service. Faithfulness of service is meant to run through every level of life
A leader who is growing rank in any organization will still be able to serve if he recognize and work in the following principles:-
1. Constant renewal of the mind: A leader need to constantly renew his mind that is, one way for him not to outgrow service because it will help him to remain humble and faithful and also help him maintain a servant heart. It will help him not to feel bigger than the position or everyone within that organization. He should continue to bear in mind that he got to where he is by serving, by grace and by hard work and that more is expected from him.
2. A clear understanding of his purpose: He needs to keep his eyes focused on the purpose for which has been called to serve, by so doing he will understand that for every new level of greatness there is a greater door of service opened up at the same time also that there are more levels to grow into,so if he doesn’t serve properly he will cut short his purpose. Furthermore a leader is meant to coach guide and inspire others to be as him if not better so as long he is a leader there are people under him, people he can invest in their life.
3. Create opportunities to improve: He needs to always seek and create opportunities to improve especially if he feels that the current ways of things are not challenging him enough he should keep raising the bar. Service is what birthed leadership.
4. Check his associations: Most time people miss working in their purpose as a result of the company they keep . A leader who have associations especially ones who envy him or one who doesn’t have a clear picture of service and purposehe will easily loss interest in service because of peer advice.

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