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This is very wholesome. One thing I really do like is the fact that these points you’ve noted are very relatable.
Your first point, which talks about the source of this music, is extremely important. But what really caught my attention is the part where you spoke about violence and aggression, I couldn’t agree more.
Violence and aggression are the opposite of fruits of the spirit which we as believers should possess.
Sometimes, Christians tend to say things like “does it really matter as long as we are singing to God?” Oh Yes it does. We cannot glorify, worship and praise the King of Kings with a pattern of beat that excites the flesh more than it stirs up the spirit.
This kind of music is loud and distracting and could hinder the free flow of the gifts of the spirit. The goal is to worship God in spirit and truth (John 4:24) Furthermore, you spoke about the lyrics and performances of this genre of music and how they do not reflect Christ. Paul said follow me as I follow Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1). Christ is the example; He has set the standard all we need to do is follow. As believers, we should be sensitive to the leading of the spirit at every point in time. We believers are to look out for spirit inspired songs rather than songs that excite people. It is true that we minister to people, yet they are not the focus, God is the focus. God pays attention to our singing (Praise and worship). He is interested in everything that concerns us.

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